You’ve been saying it for years. Give it meaning for years to come.

Ten thousand women on the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi program will be starting Tehillim on February 3rd. You, too, can join them and transform your Tehillim – adding meaning, understanding, and joy.

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Tehillim is an opportunity to connect with Hashem – whatever you’re going through.

Everything happening in your life – the major and the mundane – happened to David Hamelech. There’s a prayer for every situation, and song for every salvation.
Explore Tehillim. Tap into the meaning. And live each chapter.

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What is the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi program?

The Torat Imecha Nach Yomi is a popular womens learning program that completes Nevi’im and Ketuvim every 2 years by learning 1 perek a day on a 10-15 minute Zoom class. Each sefer is taught by a talented female educator. There are currently 10,000 women from across the world taking part in the program!

Hear from our Participants

Just when I think these shiurim could not get better they get better and better. Each one is a diamond onto itself and when combined it is a piece of heaven.
We created a Nach Yomi group so that the local Nach Yomi participants are able share their thoughts, be mechazek each other, and get together in person. The group grew more quickly than we imagined with daily active discussions of the perek as well as additional posts with resources and thoughts of inspiration.
Thanks for all the siyumim. It creates a feeling of community at the end of each sefer as we learn individually day by day.
I can’t imagine my morning coffee without my nach at the same time. The process has been motivating and life changing. Each speaker brings the words to life in her own way – and amazingly every perek ties into what is happening in the world at the time.

Tehillim Teachers

  • Mrs. Michal Horowitz
    Adult Torah Educator; Noted Lecturer
    Tehillim Sefer 1 (Perakim 1-41)
    More about this teacher
    Mrs. Michal Horowitz

    Michal Horowitz delivers weekly shiurim in her community of the Five Towns, NY, while her zoom shiurim reach audiences around the world. She has been a scholar in residence in schools and communities, nationally and internationally. In September 2023, Michal was a keynote speaker at Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’ Pre-Yamim Noraim Conference, for the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. At the OU Women’s Initiative, she inaugurated the Torat Imecha Parsha program presenting weekly shiurim on Sefer Bereishit. Michal taught Yehoshua, Tehillim 36-41, and Divrei Hayamim II to over 5,000 women across the globe as part of the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi cycle I. She taught Tehillim 1-41, and Mishlei for cycle II.  Michal presented Rosh Chodesh, Selichot Night and Nach Yomi Siyum shiurim and taught in-depth courses at the ALIT Virtual Summer Learning Programs of 2020, ’21, ’22, and ’23.  Michal’s weekly OU Parsha shiur can be found on the AllParsha App. She has thousands of audio and video shiurim online.  Her writings have been published in YU’s Torah-To-Go, HaMizrachi, the OU’s Jewish Action magazine, and most recently in “Reclaiming Dignity: A Guide to Tzniut”.  Her story can be found on all major streaming platforms on the “Rolling With the Punches” Podcast, Episode 14, Sounds of Silence. Michal lives in Woodmere, NY with her husband and family. 

  • Dr. Deena Rabinovich
    Tehillim Sefer 2 (Perakim 42-72)
    More about this teacher
    Dr. Deena Rabinovich

    Deena Rabinovich chairs the Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies and the Legacy Heritage Jewish Educators Project at Stern College for Women. She directs the PEP Program at the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. She received her bachelors from Stern College for Women, her Masters from New York University, and her doctorate from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education. Prior to teaching at Stern College for Women, Deena taught at Central-Yeshiva University High School for Girls and at the North Shore Hebrew Academy.

  • Mrs. Aviva Orlian
    Tehillim Sefer 3 (Perakim 73-89)
    More about this teacher
    Mrs. Aviva Orlian

    Mrs. Aviva Orlian grew up in Baltimore, MD and currently lives in Monsey, NY. She has been lecturing, giving shiurim and has been a featured speaker for various community-wide women’s programming for the past 25 years, including the OU Women’s Initiative. Aside from her passion for teaching Torah, Mrs. Orlian is a full-time practicing speech-language pathologist.

  • Mrs. Sara Malka Winter
    Tehillim Sefer 4 (Perakim 90-106)
    More about this teacher
    Mrs. Sara Malka Winter

    Mrs. Sara Malka Winter holds a Master of Science degree in education and is a sought-after speaker in her community of Silver Spring, Maryland. As a teenager, Mrs. Winter founded Ashreinu, a Canadian kiruv organization dedicated to Jewish outreach to the Russian immigrant community, which has influenced hundreds of girls. Mrs. Winter lived in Israel for eight years with her family, where she taught and lectured across Jerusalem in seminaries, outreach centers and high schools. In 2008, Mrs. Winter moved to Maryland to help found the Greater Washington Community Kollel, together with her husband, Rabbi Menachem Winter. She continues to lecture throughout the Washington DC area as a Senior Lecturer for the Kollel on diverse topics including Tefillah, Chumash, Nach, Tehillim, Chagim, and Mitzvos. Mrs. Winter is also a beloved teacher at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington Girls Division. At the OU Women’s Initiative, Sara Malka taught Sefer Tehillim 53-62 and 120-134 to over 5,000 women worldwide as part of the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi program.   

  • Mrs. Rivka Segal
    Teacher, Author
    Tehillim Sefer 5 (Perakim 107-150)
    More about this teacher
    Mrs. Rivka Segal

    Mrs. Rivka Segal is a leader in adult Jewish education who has taught Torah to women and girls of all ages for more than thirty years. Before making aliyah from Baltimore, MD, taught in Bais Yaakov High School and Maalot Baltimore and was the director of the Rebbitzen Frieda K. Hirmes Women’s Institute of Torah. After moving to Israel in 2005, she founded the L’Ayla Women’s Initiative in Jerusalem. She is a sought-after speaker, known for her creativity and ability to excite and engage audiences of all ages. For the past fifteen years, she has made Tehillim come alive for thousands of people. She is currently in the process of completing a five-volume series entitled Living Tehillim. To date, three volumes have been published. To find out more about the “Living Tehillim” initiative or to contact Mrs. Segal, visit her website at 

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Mazel tov on this remarkable accomplishment!

Sara Chana Kunstlinger Spring Valley, New York
Caryn Good Seward Cleveland, Ohio
Hollywood, Florida
Debby Levi Passaic, NJ
Russi Bohm Riverdale, NY
Dora Kurz Oak Park, Michigan
Esther Goldschein Efrat, Israel
Gabriella Nussbaum Yonkers, New York
Ruth Saperstein Passaic, NJ
Sharon Zwickler West Orange, NJ
Rivka Barnett New York City, New York
Aliza Peyser Teaneck, Nj
Yelena Shimanovich Brighton, MA
Aliza Peyser Teaneck, Nj
Frances Shalit Petach Tikva, Israel
Vivian Rosenberg Flushing, NY
Trudy Farber Milwaukee, WI
Russi Bohm Bronx, NY
Tami Ellis Dallas, Texas
Risa Margulies Silver Spring, MD
Gila Gluck Woodmere, NY
Gila Gluck Woodmere, NY
Susan Wohlgelernter Philadelphia, PA
Janet Litwack Silver Spring, MD
Peggy Weis Clifton, NJ
Anne Shulman Beachwood, Ohio
Ruthy Friedman Brooklyn, NY
Esther T Passaic, NJ
Diane Horwitz Jerusalem, Israel
Shari Goldberg Cherry Hill, NJ
Ruth Rothman Thornhill, Ontario
Susan Tam Tx, TX
Baltimore, MD
Boynton Beach, Florida
Yocheved Yaeger Brooklyn, NU
Victoria Horowitz Brooklyn, NY
Esther Merzel CHICAGO, IL
Dena Kleiman Lakewood, NJ
Olney, MD
Israel, Modi’in
Ann Rosenberg Harrisburg, PA
Molly Rothstein Elizabeth, NJ
Breindy Pomper Surfside, FL
Helen Adler Teaneck, NJ
Beverly Libin Woodmere, NY
Yael Schuster Monsey, NY
Est Friend Seattle, WA
Janet Yehudis Sunness Baltimorr, MD
Brooklyn, NY
Joyce Miller Brooklyn, NY
Debbie Kalwerisky Atlanta, GA
Batya Salomon Brooklyn, NY
Pauline Jaffe Silver Spring, MD
Beth Chesir Teaneck, New Jersey
Marcia Lerner Baltimore, Maryland
Rivki Levin Brooklyn, NY
Karen Zucker Dallas,, TX
Sara malka Winter Silver Spring, Md
Fayge Young Oak Park, MI
Baltimore, Maryland
Vivi Moskowitz North Woodmere, NY
Leora Fenster Brooklyn, NY
Margalit Cooper Jerusalem, Israel
Sherry Simantov Highland Park, NJ
Simy Zelmanovitz Brooklyn, NY
Bat-Sheva Kutner West hempstead, Ny
Lisa Schlussel Beit shemesh, Israel
Judy Golowa Teaneck, NJ
Yael Schuster Monsey, NY
Suffern, Ny
Shari Goldberg Cherry Hill, NJ
Riva Kitainik Flushing, New York
Ilana Yares Cherry Hill, NJ
Chani Wiesman Cherry Hill, NJ
Malky Lehmann Spring Valley, NY
Chaya Weinrib Teaneck, New Jersey
Amy Rubin Framingham, MA
Audrey Barasch Brooklyn, NY
Pville, Md
Ayelet Pollak Woodmere, NY
Suffern, NY
Rachel Grudzinsky Jerusalem, Israel
Elisheva Plotnik Chicago, Illinois
Valley Village, California
29a Aroona, Road, Caulfield North, Melbourne, Australia, Victoria
Miriam Gottlieb Brooklyn, New York
Brenda Urman Gewurz Montreal, Quebec
Barbara Greengart Oceanside, New York
Barbara Greengart Oceanside, New York
Sharona Katz Silver Spring, MD
Adela Berman Givat Zeev, Other
Brooklyn, NY
Carol Lazar Silver Spring, MD
Feige Lipsky Baltimore, MD
Mindy Eisenman Monsey, NY
Frimmy Hirsch Boynton Beach, FL
Shoshana Sussman Silver Spring, MD
Beverly Sonnenblick West Hempstead, NY
Raizie Lutwak Monsey/Deerfield Beach, NY/FL
Meryl Rubin Teaneck, NJ
Elana Abramovic Chula VIsta, CA
Alisa Schwartz New York, NY
Bracha Leifet Far Rockaway, NY
Anonymous Brooklyn, NY
Russi Bohm Riverdale, New York
Debby Levi Passaic, New Jersey, NJ
Tzivi Goodman Haifa, Israel
A. H. Rubenstein Toronto, Ontarion
Beverly Bernstein Philadelphia, Pa
Debbie Nossbaum Melbourne, Australia
Yehudis Liss Lawrence, NY
Debbie Fox Teaneck, NJ
H Lowenstein Jerusalem, Israel
Anna Bankier בית שמש, Israel
Lynn Kraft Lincolnwood, IL
Aviva Hoch Flushing, NY
Anonymous Jerusalem, Israel
Gita Freed Wantagh, NY
Anonymous Montreal, Quebec
Baltimore, Md
Samara Wasserman Teaneck, NJ
Cora Lessner Plainview, NY
Suzie Tuchman Baltimore, MD
Jerusalem, Israel
Cara Freedman Boca Raton, Florida
Ingie Danilewitz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
Miriam Huffman New York, NY
Miriam Sokol Los Angeles, Ca
Denver, Colorado
Brooklyn, New York
Keren Avery Highland park, Nj
Arlene Eis Teaneck, NJ
Jennifer Berenholz Kew Garden Hills, NY
Jamie Jacobs Edison, NJ
Julie Mitrani Henderson, NV
Brenda Bronner Jerusalem, Israel
Ilana Friedman Teaneck, NJ
Arielle Wolfson Far Rockaway, NY
Deena Lewin Teaneck, NJ
Anonymous Teaneck, New Jersey
Ruti Eastman Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion
Sarapatchen Patchen Deerfield Beach, FL
Ada Fisher Brooklyn, NY
Susan Presby Teaneck, Nj
Lawrence, NY
Raizel Keilson Far Rockaway, NY 11691
T. Keilson Far Rockaway, NY
Chani Retter Baltimore, MD
Margaret Danishefsky Bronx, NY
Miryam Benovitz New Hempstead, NY
Frieda Reiz Brooklyn, NY
Jerusalem, Israel
Eileen Spielman Sharon, MA
Adina Morris Southfield, Michigan
Elaine Saklad Providence, RI
Susan Amin Flushing, NY
Woodmere, NY
Brenda Platnick Brooklyn, NY
Jackie Sharman Jerusalem, Israel
Rachel Lobel Jerusalem, Israel
Diane Horwitz Jerusalem, Israel
Israela Kamchi SUNNYVALE, CA
Etty Nussbaum Riverdale, N.Y.
Risa Margulies Silver Spring, MD
Anonymous Lakewood, NJ
Arlene Schwartz Boca Raton, FL
Jodi Warum New City, New York
Judy Fridkis Jerusalem, Israel
Silver Spring, MD
Baltimore, MD
Lakewood, New Jersey
Elisheva Hirschorn Elizabeth, NJ
Anonymous New Rochelle, NY
Rochelle Graubard Flushing, Queens
Helen Kramer Edison, NJ
Toby Fader Beit Shemesh, Israel
Cedarhurst, NY
Adeena Lasker Woodmere, NY
Englewood, Nj
Shulamit Ginsburg Columbus, Ohio
Sandy Knisbacher Modiin, Israel
Rivka Weinstein Chashmonaim, Israel
Dallas, TX
DB Fink Chicago, IL
Daniella Smith Silver Spring, MD
Passaic, NJ
Lakewood, NJ
Sheila Frankel Silver Spring, MD
Aliza Rosenberg Brooklyn, New york
Harriet Sheinson Silver Spring, Maryland
Tzippy Younger Long Beach, NY
Oceanside, NY
Guila Kotler Oceanside, NY
Miriam Goldfeder Dallas, TX
Marjorie Bernstein Woodland Hills, Ca
Avigayil Kanner Lawrence, NY
Randi Loskove Chicago, IL
Orly Seidman Brooklyn, NY
Zehava Witkin-Cohen Flushing, NY
Dena Kleiman Lakewood, New Jersey
Malka Grossman Flushing, NY
Tammy Goldstein Chicago, Il
Wynnewood, PA
Sheila Last Last Teaneck, NJ
Devorah Maybloom Lakewood, Nj
Lisa Cohen Passaic, Nj
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Non-USA/Canada
Tami Ellis Dallas, Texas
Bryna Stewart LOS ANGELES, CA
Rivka Lichtenstein New York, NY
Marcy Fried Dallas, Texas
Tova Krull Monsey, NY
Malka Rosinsky Baltimore, MD
Ariella Konigsberg Springfield, NJ
Shani Glenn Brooklyn, NY
Lois Raff Bieler West Hempstead, New York
Adina Wiener Teaneck, NJ
Elana Erez Springfield, New Jersey
Surie Gitelis Brooklyn, New York
Deborah Becker West Orange, NJ
Aliza Milstein Hillside, NJ
Sue Dickstein Baltimore, Maryland
Merna Matilsky Boca Raton, Florida
Lisa Haselkorn Teaneck, NJ
Miriam Peskowitz Flushing, NY
Peggy Weis Clifton, New Jersey
Ray Adler New york n.y., NY
Linda Fertig Brooklyn, NY
Ruchy Yudkowsky CHICAGO, IL
Beth Chesir Teaneck, NJ
Zipporah Freedman Baltimore, MD
Gail Hoffman Woodmere, NY
Baltimore, Maryland
Rhonda Weinraub Passaic, NJ
Gilla Saltzman Silver Spring, MD
Miriam Polon Los Angeles, California
Miriam Stern Springfield, NJ
A. H. Rubenstein Toronto, Ontario
Shoshana Zolty Toronto, Ontarion
Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel
Anonymous Toronto, Ontario
Elisheva Braunstein Flatbush, NY
Joan Gigl Milwaukee, WI
Judy Merlis Bayswater, NY
Avigayil Orlian Monsey, New York
Lynn Hanfling Edison, Nj
Hanna Shekhter Hollywood, FL
Brooklyn, NY
Anonymous Seattle, WA
Betty Rose Eisenberg Southfield, Michigan
Aviva Davidowitz Beit Shemesh, Israel
Rivka Leah Baum Flushing, NY
Sharon Kronenberg Jerusalem, Israel
Aviva Cohen Oak Park, Michigan
Lynn Silverberg Teaneck, NJ
Jessica Landa Bergenfield, New Jersey
Rhona Lipetz Flushing, NY
Susan Bagley Cherry Hill, NJ
Reva Singer Brooklyn, NY
Abby Stern Hollywood, FL
Dr Irene Lancaster Salford, Greater Manchester
Rachel Kops Modiin, Israel
Anonymous Johannesburg, South Africa
Bernice Friedman Jerusalem, Israel
Shevi Cohen Lawrence, NY
Faygir Meisels Woodmere, NY
Sarelle Weiner Modi’in, Israel
Dubbie Ungar Philadelphia, Pa.
Anonymous Teaneck, NJ
Sharona Linetsky Cherry Hill, NJ
Yael Stieglitz Bala Cynwyd, PA
Emma Hirsch Fort Lauderdale, FL
Silver Spring, MD
Mindy Davis Jerusalem, Israel
Chumi Diamond Long Beach, New York
Adela Berman Givat Zeev, Other
Esti Klein Brooklyn, NY
Chavie Gottlieb Kew gardens hills, NY
Ethel Gottlieb Brooklyn, New York
Gabriella Steinberg Great Neck, New York
Susan Sokol Woodmere, NY
Emmy Leah Zitter Bet Shemesh, Israel
Marilyn Berger Alon Shevut, Israel
Lisa Lintz Boca Raton, FL
Sandy Tanenbaum West Palm Beach, FL
Miriam Blech Teaneck, New Jersey
Woodmere, Ny
Mindy Liebman West Hempstead, NY
Amy Rubin Framingham, MA
Debbie Taub Plainview, NY
Talia Sanford Bronx, NY
Adina Klein Far rockaway, NY
Chantzie Rosenberg Brooklyn, NY
Donna Keilson Far Rockaway, NY
Sima Jacoby Silver Spring, MD
Tova Keilson Friedman Far rockaway, NY
Bayla Tilson Teaneck, NJ
Sandy Nussbaum Baltimore, Md
Caron Spierer Kew gardens hills, NY
Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisroel
Miriam Esther Weiner Providence, RI
Leah Covel Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Deborah Becker West Orange, NJ
Kayli Fox Woodmere, NY
Robin Amster West Orange, NJ
Liat Shyken University Heights, OH
Roberta Kremer Toronto, Ontario
Linda Ehrlich Boca Raton, FL
Judi Rosenfeld Brooklyn, New York
Caryn Good Seward Cleveland, Ohio
Jerusalem, Israel
Fran Mermelstein Teaneck, New Jersey
New rochelle, Ny
Anonymous Teaneck, NJ
Tzipora Zeines Brooklyn, New York
Susan Tawil Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef, Israel
Shoshana Sussman Silver Spring, Maryland
Judy Werblowsky Teaneck, New Jersey
Shirley Girnun Boca Raton, FL
Steni Kram Monsey, New York
Bracha Spira Brooklyn, NY
Gladys Neuman Lawrence,, NY
Alissa Kovacs Baltimore, MD
Karen Lipman Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel
Yedidah Lewis Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Sorrie Javasky Thornhill, Ontario
Lea Marcus Springfield, NJ
Ronit Biderman Brooklyn, New York
Malky Galler Woodmere, NY
Ruthy Friedman Brooklyn, NY
Batya Morris Jerusalem, Israel
Margi Saks Jerusalem, Israel
Carol Novoseller Efrat, Other/International
Maale Adumim, Israel
Rhonda Leibowitz Teaneck, New Jersey
Frances Shalit Petack tikva, Israel
Tzippy Twersky Yerushalayim, Israel
Anonymous New York, New York
Estie Bryk Jerusalem, Israel
Vivian Rosenberg Flushing, NY
Karen Fireman Pomona, New York
Gila Manolson Jerusalem, (none)
Esti Yeres Jerusalem, Israel
Tamar Rabinowitz Jerusalem, Israel
Ester Katz Silvers Shilo, Israel
Elana Kosofsky Oak Park, Mi
Felishia Freddy Tamil Nadu, India
Chaya Meisels Thornill, Ontario, Canada
Marjorie Glatt Woodmere, Ny
Rechovot, Israel
Michal Korman Southfield, Michigan
Yikara Levari Pittsburgh, PA
Spring Valley, NY
Terry Goldberg Jerusalem, Israel
Phyllis Lippman Passaic, New Jersey
Tzivi Zuckerman Columbus, OH
Elaine Tuchman Baltimore, MD
Judith Tannenbaum Brooklyn, NY
Phyllis Goldsmith Potomac, Maryland
Shoshana Schwartz New York, New York
Sandy Lieder Monsey, Ny/united states
Evelyn Weiss Brooklyn, NY
Sharon Konigsberg Springfield, NJ
Brenda Platnick Brooklyn, NY
Joan White Dallas, TX
Potomac, Md
Anonymous Potomac, Md
Rena Levy Pittsburgh, PA
Celia Bernath Toronto, Ont.
Raizelle Saperstein Spring Valley, NY
Fair Lawn, NJ
Bracha Orlansky Silver Spring, MD
Liba Steinberg Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland
Chanie Borenstein KGH, NY
Cecelia Grossman Kew Gardens Hills, New York
Evelyn Ocken Flushing, NY
Eta Stahler Lawrence, NY
Silver Spring, MD
Sharon Glaser Edison, NJ
Asnat Rosenfeld Spring valley, New York
Stefanie Small Pittsburgh, PA
New York, N.Y..
Susan Jablow Pittsburgh, PA
Susan Goldstein New rochelle, NY
Leah Henkin Los Angeles, CA
Claire Stern Montreal, Quebec
Malka Korbman Elizabeth, NJ
Newton, MA
Yaakov Chroman CHICAGO, IL
Cooki Maisel Efrat, Israel
Marilyn Patt BRIGHTON, MA
Adina Barth Oak Park, MI
Sheila D. Langermann Brookline, MA
Leora Waxman Woodmere, NY
Marcia Levinson HIGHLAND PARK, NJ
Elisheva Appel Milwaukee, WI
Chava Penzias Linden, NJ
Sara Lea Wetstein Baltimore, MD
Brenda Neuhoff BROOKLYN, NY
Barbie Lehmann Siegel Silver spring, MD
Malky Soltan Lakewood, NJ
Rebecca Blum Woodmere, NY
Cheryl DeSure Pittsburgh, PA
Lisa Friedman Baltimore, MD
Chaiky Guttenberg Elizabeth, NJ
Deborah Schick Laufer Silver Spring, MD
Michelle Goldwasser Pittsburgh, PA
Carole Wald Boca w, Florida
Cindy Schreier Woodmere, NY
Flushing, NY
Esther Schneeweiss New Hempstead, NY
Esther Posen Edison, NJ
Woodland Hills, Ca
Dvora Hersh New York, NY
Miriam Soffer Brooklyn, NY
Shoshana Genack Pittsburgh, PA
Shulie Glazer Elizabeth, NJ
Hedy Cohen Bala cynwyd, Pa
Kreindel Pinkus Chicago, IL
Sara Cohen New York, NY

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