The OU’s Women’s Initiative is implementing national programming for women of all ages and stages of life to help each woman find her personal and communal leadership voice.

Programs Include:

  • Lay Leadership and Training: Encouraging and cultivating women to take on significant roles within the community by providing professional development training and facilitating women serving on boards of synagogues and in other leadership positions.
  • Wellness: Developing a platform of courses and forums devoted to women’s health and well-being.
  • Community Learning for Women: Engaging women in regular, weekly or monthly group learning programs.
  • Female Scholars: Facilitating scholars-in-residence series – regardless of synagogue size – that give women teachers and scholars greater opportunity to share their insights.
  • High-level Torah learning Opportunities for Women: Devising continuing learning opportunities for women, including midrasha programs and yimei iyun.
  • Youth: Enhancing the spiritual involvement of young women in our synagogues through mother/daughter weekly learning programs and other iniatives.
  • Synagogue Usability: Sharing best practices for synagogues to encourage female involvement in all aspects of synagogue life, including having the ezrat nashim[women’s section] exclusively available to women at all times of day and the redesign of synagogue spaces to make them “user-friendly” for all congregants, babysitting during programming, etc.