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Sunday, August 20th
Identify one habit or behavior that held you back in the past year. How can you work on changing it?
Monday, August 21st
Describe a specific challenge or obstacle you faced and how you overcame it. What strengths did you discover in yourself during this process?
Tuesday, August 22nd
Sometimes we hurt ourselves through our actions. Reflect on ways you take care of yourself. Are there any areas that need improvement? What can you do to prioritize your well-being?
Wednesday, August 23rd
Write about a time when you forgave someone or let go of a grudge. How did it impact you and how can you practice forgiveness more often?
Thursday, August 24th
Reflect on a relationship in your life that you know needs repair. What are steps you can take toward rebuilding this connection?
Friday, August 25th
Write about a time when you received constructive feedback. How did you handle it, and how can you be more open to feedback in the future?
Sunday, August 27th
Describe a time when you were able to let go of perfectionism and embrace imperfections. How can you continue to cultivate self-acceptance and self-compassion?
Monday, August 28th
Think about obstacles that can get in the way of relationship repair-or things that might stop you. What are ways to overcome these obstacles?
Tuesday, August 29th
Is there a behavior or middah that is blocking you from being your best self? What can you do to reduce or eliminate this behavior?
Wednesday, August 30th
If there was one emotion that you could snap your fingers and it would be gone or reduced from your life, what would it be? What can you tell yourself when you experience this emotion?
Thursday, August 31st
During the past several months, how have I practiced forgiveness of myself and others? Where is my work of forgiveness unfinished?
Friday, September 1st
Describe a situation where you had to make a difficult decision. How did you navigate through it, and what did you learn from the process?
Sunday, September 3rd
Reflect on your self-talk and internal dialogue. Are there any negative patterns or self-limiting beliefs that you can work on changing?
Monday, September 4th
Write about a time when you felt completely present and mindful during davening. Think about that experience and how you can increase your kavanah during your daily davening.
Tuesday, September 5th
Describe a time where you may have felt distant from Hashem. How did you overcome it?
Wednesday, September 6th
Describe a time when certain tefillot resonate more deeply than at other times. Describe a time during this past year when a particular Tefillah touched you deeply.
Thursday, September 7th
We often turn to role-models to inspire and guide us. Who is your Tefillah role model? In which way does this person inspire you?
Friday, September 8th
At different points of the Yemei Ratzon davening, we relate to Hashem as a Father and a King. Choose one that feels most descriptive of your current relationship with Hashem. How can you deepen this connection and explore other aspects of your relationship with Hashem?
Sunday, September 10th
Reflect on a recent experience where Emunah played a significant role. How did it shape your perspective??
Monday, September 11th
What ways do you find yourself praising Hashem? How could you improve in praising Hashem?
Tuesday, September 12th
Part of the Tefillah experience is Hoda'ah, gratitude. What are some of the greatest gifts Hashem has given you? How have you used your unique gifts during this past year?
Wednesday, September 13th
Gratitude is such an important concept both in Tefillah and our interpersonal interactions. Describe ways that you express gratitude to Hashem and others. What are new ways you can incorporate into your daily practice to increase your appreciation of Hashem in this coming year?
Thursday, September 14th
Tefillah is a conduit to connect to Hashem and lean on Him for our needs both large and small. Which tefillot make you feel more connected to Him? Think about both daily tefillot and the special tefillot for this time of year.
Friday, September 15th
Often we know we are supposed to daven, but things and life get in the way. What are the things that get in the way and how can you overcome these obstacles?
Monday, September 18th
Who are the people who inspire you the most? What qualities do they possess that you admire, and how can you incorporate those qualities into your own life?
Tuesday, September 19th
Write about a time you acted with kindness and compassion toward others. How did it make you feel and how can you cultivate more of these moments?
Wednesday, September 20th
Describe a time when you felt truly connected to your community or a larger cause. How can you contribute more to the well-being of others?
Thursday, September 21st
Write about a story, book, or podcast related to Chesed that has had a profound impact on you. What lessons did you learn and how can you integrate them into your life?
Friday, September 22nd
Reflect on your unique strengths and talents. How can you leverage them to make a positive impact on others and achieve your goals?
Sunday, September 24th
Besides money, what are areas in which you can be more flexible/generous?
Tuesday, September 26th
Write about a time when you supported someone else's growth or helped them overcome a challenge. How can you continue to be a source of support or encouragement?
Wednesday, September 27th
What is the best way to give Tzedaka, and what should be our attitude about giving? How can we become naturally generous people?
Thursday, September 28th
Think about a time when you witnessed an act of kindness and generosity towards someone else. How did it make you feel and what lessons did you learn from that experience?
Friday, September 29th
Reflect on the connection between Tzedaka and personal growth. How can acts of giving and generosity contribute to your own development and sense of purpose?