Women’s Leadership Summit FAQs

1. How do I apply?

Please fill out an application and have someone in your organization submit a nomination form. Your application is only complete when both forms are received. 

2. How many participants will be included in the program?
Space is limited to 80 participants. The goal is to create an intimate cohort of representatives from across the country.  

3. Where is the Summit taking place?
The Summit is scheduled to take place Monday May 20-Tuesday May 21, 2019 at the Hilton Woodcliff Lake near Bergen County, NJ. 

4. Can my organization (Synagogue, school, community organization) pay for me?
Yes, we encourage you to ask your organization for support.

5. Is there a participation fee? What does that cover?
This event is generously subsidized by the Orthodox Union Women’s Initiative.  The $275 fee covers food, lodging and program. Participants are responsible for transportation costs.

6. What are the deadlines?
Applications are due by March 31 and participants will be notified by April 15.

7. How do I know if my registration is complete? What are the next steps?
You will be notified by April 15 your confirmed participation in the program. Our staff will contact you with any further details/questions.

8. Do I need to book my own hotel stay?
All food and lodging will be arranged.

9. Am I able to stay an extra night before or after the conference?
You are able to make personal arrangements for extra hotel nights at the group rate of $120 a night.

10. Will I have to share a hotel room?
No.  Each room is single occupancy.

11. Will the food provided be Cholov Yisrael?
The catering at the Summit will be under OU hashgacha and cholov yisrael.

12. I only want to attend part of the Summit, is that possible?
In an effort to maximize the benefits of the program and build a community of learners, all Summit participants are expected to participate in all components of the program.

13. I live in the local Tri-State area and while I will participate fully in all aspects of the program, I would prefer to sleep at home. Is that possible?
While participants are strongly encouraged to stay over at the hotel together with the group, you may choose to return home after the last session of the day. If this is your plan, please coordinate accordingly to assure that a room is not reserved for you.  If you choose to not sleep at the hotel, the cost remains the same.

14. What is the cancellation policy?
After registering, you will have up to 1 week to cancel your registration and receive a refund on your $275 registration fee.

15. Why is the summit scheduled during the work week?

We understand that most women have full times jobs and it could be difficult to take off work to attend the Leadership Summit.  Ultimately, the days we chose will better accommodate the schedules of those who need an extra travel day and some of the excellent speakers, teachers and facilitators we are so pleased to present.

16. What happens after the Summit? Will I interface with my fellow participants again? Does the program continue throughout the year?
The goal of the Summit is to create a community of support amongst participants and encourage the healthy exchange of ideas. Post-Summit participants will participate in online-interaction with the larger group in addition to benefiting from a “buddy system,” in which communities will support each other’s efforts.

17. My question is not listed here, who do I contact for further questions/more information?
If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to Adina Shmidman at ashmidman@ou.org.