The Top Ten New Skills We Need to Lead: A Workshop in Practical Planning for Tomorrow’s Innovative and Engaging Programs  

With Mrs. Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch,  Director, Educational Innovation, PRIZMAH Center for Jewish Day Schools 

Sunday, April 25, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM EDT  

Welcome to a cohort of Orthodox women leaders representing institutions throughout North Americaworking together to “reimagine leadership and community in a new reality.”  

Below you will find important information in preparation for the Summit. You will also receive an email with this information:  

  • Please use the Zoom link below to join the session.   Please enter the waiting room before 10:25 AM EDT, when the session doors will open.  We will begin promptly at 10:30 AM EDT  
  • Please make every effort to keep your video on so we can create a culture of respect for our presenters and participants.    
  • Join Zoom Meeting 

 We look forward to learning together. 

Please reach out to Mrs. Adeena Mayerfeld, Program and Operations Manager, with any further questions at: mayerfelda@ou.org or 646-459-5131. 


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