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Who should apply?

  • Lay leaders and educators with some public speaking experience.

What is the course schedule?

Is there a cost for the course?

  • Yes.  The cost is $350.  The course is heavily subsidized by the OU Women’s Initiative through a generous donation by Stacey (Art of Speaking Cohort 2021) and Amir Goldman, as we are committed to investing in our speakers.  (Limited additional subsidies are available, please contact Mrs. Adeena Mayerfeld at for further information before submitting an application.)

Are there any pre-requirements for the course?

Yes.  Speakers will be expected to open a free Zoom account and be familiar with:

  • Settings (scheduling meetings, meeting settings)
  • In-meeting features (screen share, polling, breakout rooms, annotate)
  • PowerPoint or Google slides

Note: Tutorials available on Zoom and YouTube websites

What are the seminar expectations?

  • Attend all workshops, coaching sessions and final program “live” with video on.
  • Prepare the following assignments:
    1. Short recording for your own use during class #1.
    2. Short recording and peer feedback (January)
    3. Topic for 3-5 minute presentation (January 16)
    4. Peer review – Content (scheduled with partner, before February 2)
    5. “Prop” for presentation (February 6)
    6. One 3-5-minute presentation for coaching sessions, due: February 7th

Can I participate with a smartphone or will I need to use a computer?

  • Most sessions will require the use of a laptop, iPad, Chromebook or desktop
  • Several of the mini-workshops will be accessible via smartphone.
  • Dial-in without video will not be an option.

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