OU Women’s Initiative Virtual Summit FAQs

  • What is the Summit schedule? 
    There will be six one-hour sessions, focusing on different leadership topics, each at a different time throughout the day to accommodate varying time zones and schedules:

      • 10:00 AM, EDT: Your Life, Your Work: Time Management for Women Leaders with a COVID 19 Twist, with Rebbetzin Adina Morris.
      • 11:30 AM, EDT: Reopening Fundraising: Adapting Strategies and Activities to Raise Funds for Your Cause, with Mrs. Rachel Cyrulnik
      • 2:30 PM, EDT: Leader as Conflict Solver: An Illustrated Guide, with Dr. Michelle Brody 
      • 4:00 PM, EDT: Navigating Uncertainty:  Challenges and Opportunities, with Mrs. Amy Katz
      • 5:30 PM, EDT: Looking Forward Hopefully, with Dr. Erica Brown
      • 8:00 PM, EDT: Reconnecting and Reinventing:  Creating Cures for Zoom Fatigue,  with Dr. Leslie Ginsparg Klein
  • Is it possible to attend only for part of the day? 
    Yes.  You will have the opportunity to select the sessions you would like to attend and register for each session individually
  • How will I register for sessions? 
    You will receive an email with a link to the schedule and short registration forms for each session.
  • How will I join each session on the day of the Summit? 
    You will receive a separate email from each session group with a link to the session Zoom meeting.
  • Is there a cost to attend? 
    There is a suggested donation of $36.
  • Is this summit open to non-profit professionals or only to lay leaders? 
    This summit is focused on lay leadership.  Non-profit professionals who also hold lay leadership positions are welcome to join us.
  • Will the sessions be interactive? Will I be able to meet the other women? 
    Sessions will be set up using Zoom meeting which enables you to see the other participants.  Presenters will use a combination of chat, live question/answer and breakout rooms to facilitate interaction.
  • Will there be an opportunity to continue the discussions or ask more questions? 
    Yes.  After the summit, you will have an opportunity to join a WhatsApp group for each of the sessions you attended.  In addition, we hope to be able to continue to provide virtual lay leadership development and networking opportunities.
  • I am concerned that I will have technical difficulties during the Summit. 
    One of our staff members will be available during the Summit for tech support.  We will provide you with a phone number to call.