Mrs. Shuli Fuchs


Shuli Fuchs has been channeling her passion for Torah into adolescent and adult education for the past fifteen years. Her inner fire was fueled by her involvement in diverse programs directed towards inspiring and uplifting teens. She eventually discovered a deep love for the magic of the classroom and submerged herself into the world of formal Jewish education.  She founded Veha’er (, a non-profit organization aimed to fostering growth and continued Torah connection for women in various stages of life. Through a plethora of shiurim, Shuli, together with her team of acclaimed speakers, has delivered dozens of shiurim to hundreds of women.She is a devoted Kallah teacher and enjoys guiding women in both the halachic and emotional aspects of marriage. She balances her time teaching an array of subjects and advising students, Kallahs, and married women on a daily basis. Shuli and her family live in Monsey, NY.

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