Educational consultant and Rebbetzin at Kahal Lev Avos, North Woodmere, NY Rebbetzin Tzipora Weinberg


Rebbetzin Tzipora Weinberg is an acclaimed lecturer, educator and consultant, serving museums and educational institutions in the US and abroad, with specialization in the fields of Tanakh and Holocaust Education. She is the founding Director of The WELL, a groundbreaking daytime women’s learning center in Brooklyn and Rebbetzin of Kahal Lev Avos in North Woodmere.  At the OU Women’s Initiative, Rebbetzin Weinberg presented a Rosh Chodesh shiur, a shiur on tefillah as part of the Counting Toward Sinai Tefillah Series, and Sefer Tehillim 42-89 for Torat Imecha Nach Yomi.

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