Rebbetzin Chana Deutsch


Chana Deutsch is a relationship expert and coach. She specializes in helping women in relationships (and not-yet-in relationships) foster the connection, intimacy and love they desire in their marriage and in their home.Chana teaches down-to-earth strategies designed for women to get in touch with, and bring forth, their authentic and vulnerable feminine self.By shifting the focus from resentment to empowerment, from control to intimacy, from feminism to femininity, Chana has become the beacon of light for women around the world who want to transform their relationships from a state of disconnect, frustration and lack of understanding to one of mutual respect, happiness, intimate communication and connection.Chana is the host of the popular With All Your Heart Interview Series and offers varied programs for women to work with her in learning skills and building new patterns and habits for greater connection in their relationships.