Researcher of Judaica, Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art Abigail H. Meyer


Abigail H. Meyer is an art historian, curator and museum educator specializing in Jewish visual arts and material culture with experience in various art-world sectors including collection management and practices, museum interpretation, connoisseurship and provenance research. Abigail was the Head of Department of Ceremonial Objects and Fine Art at the leading boutique auction house specializing in Judaica in New York City for nearly two decades, and the researcher for Judaica at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts where she was responsible for the scholarship, research, acquisitions and expansion of its Judaica collection. Abigail consults for museums, universities, libraries, research institutions and private collectors as an independent visual-arts professional specializing in rare Hebrew books, illuminated manuscripts, ritual objects and fine art. As a freelance curator, she has created exhibitions, authored catalogues and serves as an advisor for several Jewish art initiatives. Abigail develops educational programming, crafts museum tours and lectures on art history to draw greater attention to ritual and decorative objects and art relating to Jewish history, cultural heritage and experience.

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