Mrs. Shira Hochheimer


Mrs. Shira Hochheimer has been a noted educator of women and girls for over fifteen years.  She is passionate about empowering women to find more fulfillment in their lives by learning Torah. Shira was a Rebbetzin in Rochester, NY and currently serves in a leadership position in girls’ Jewish education in Baltimore, MD. She is the author of Eishes Chayil: Ancient Wisdom for Women of TodayAt the OU Women’s Initiative, Shira taught Sefer Yechezkel to over 5,000 women worldwide as part of the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi program. She also taught a series, Tefillah Challenges: Focus on Ashrei, for its Yemei Ratzon Ideas and Inspiration program. Her proudest accomplishment is her role as a wife and mother of five. 

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