Mrs. Sarah Lipman


Mrs. Sarah Lipman is the founder and CTO of Power2B Inc., and award-winning inventor of its 3D touchscreen technology. In two decades as a User Interaction professional, primarily in mobile and telecoms, she has authored numerous patents and published pieces, innovating new technologies years ahead of the state of the art. While living in Jerusalem for 16 years, she founded the Kishor Women’s Professional Network and The Jerusalem Hub (both now projects of Temech), for which work she received the prestigious Boneh Yerushalayim award in December 2010. Now residing in Los Angeles, Sarah teaches Chumash and the history of Jerusalem at Bais Yaakov Machon Los Angeles high school. She is active in communal affairs and coaches to mid- and top-level executives in UX-design and education.
At the OU Women’s Initiative, Sarah taught Sefer Mishlei  as part of the Torat Imecha Nach Yomi program and Themes of Sefer Bereishit Through the Commentary of Rav Hirsch, as part of the ALIT Summer Vitrual Beit Midrash 2021.