Mrs. Rena Schochet


Rena Schochet was born and educated in Baltimore, Maryland. Soon after her marriage, she and her husband embarked upon a life of travel and new places. Their first home was in Israel, and their sojourn continued in Johannesburg, South Africa, Toronto, Canada; Silicon Valley, California; Las Vegas, Nevada, and finally Jacksonville, Florida. Each of these communities presented ideal opportunities to connect with congregants and expound and expand Torah ideas and ideals. 

 Rena Schochet found her niche in communication. She was most at ease with adults: teaching adults, and helping them communicate effectively with one another. Though her career began as a high school teacher she soon found her true passion adult education, motivation, and coaching. Rebbetzin Schochet is a Mentor for Core, an organizations that encourages women to develop and flourish in their relationship with Hashem, family, community, and Klal Yisrael.   

 In Jacksonville, where the Schochets reside, Rena speaks on a regular basis. She gives advanced shiurim in Navi and Mesillat Yesharim to the women in her community. The Yamim Nora’im afford Rena the opportunity to deliver inspirational messages during the ‘breakout sessions’ in her Shul. 

 Rena’s favorite pastime, is hosting people in her home, hearing their stories, filling them with good food and wine as they sit around a well-set, convivial table.  

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