Mrs. Reena Fohrman


Reena Fohrman has taught Tanach for more than thirty years. She has inspired students at Bais Yaakov Baltimore, MMY Seminary in Jerusalem and, more recently, at Meira High School in Palo Alto, California. She’s also taught Tanach to women’s groups in Baltimore, New York and Israel, and at various holiday retreats in the tri-state area. Her love for Tanach was kindled at a young age by her father, who lovingly collected the original Gilyonot of Nechama Leibovitz, won the Chidon HaTanach Hatzeva’i, and would sing the whole of Shir HaShirim as he cleaned up after the Pesach Seder. Reena has kept the Chidon HaTanach tradition alive in her own family, learning with her children for untold hours on the couch as they prepared for participation in the National Chidon HaTanach. Reena holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. and an M.A. in Education from John Carroll University. When she’s not in Israel, she lives in Woodmere, New York, with her husband and children.