Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner


A native of Riverdale, NY, Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner received her Teacher’s Certification in Jewish education from Bnos Chava Seminary.  She furthered her education at Queens College with a B.A. in psychology, and a master’s in special education from Johns Hopkins University. She has taught Judaic studies and inspired all ages beginning with 2nd grade in Beth Tfilloh in Baltimore, MD. She began teaching adults in various forums during her years in Baltimore, and later spearheaded the now famous and highly successful Chochmas Nashim Women’s Seminary in Jerusalem, Israel. She has consistently lectured in elementary, high school, seminary, and adult settings. She truly enjoys teaching girls and women of all ages and all backgrounds. During her years in Jerusalem, in addition to teaching in mainstream seminaries, she varied her teaching approach by giving classes at Aish HaTorah’s Introductory Jewel Program, and the (now closed) Tikva program for at-risk girls. She served as the principal/menaheles of Machon Basya Rochel Seminary in Lawrence, N.Y., for nine years. She is currently a mechanches at TAG high school and a guest lecturer at Stern College for Women . She is a regular contributor to Mishpacha Magazine’s Family First’s Family.  She is also the beloved Rebbetzin of the renowned White Shul in Far Rockaway, NY, where she regularly teaches both children and adults.  She is regularly invited to lecture worldwide, as well as at various conventions.  Her passion and talent for teaching have been recognized by Jewish communities at large.