Rebbetzin Abby Lerner


Abby Lerner serves as the first national director of conversion services for GPS (Geirus Policies and Standards), the network of conversion courts established in 2008 to serve communities throughout North America. In this role, Rebbetzin Lerner supports candidates through the process of conversion, answering questions, addressing concerns, and acting as a liaison to the batei din. The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) oversees the batei din and sets standards for the more-than-200 Orthodox conversions that take place every year in the United States. Prior to this position, Rebbetzin Lerner taught limudei kodesh at Yeshiva University High School for Girls in Queens, NY, for nearly three decades. She formally served as the rebbetzin of the Young Israel of Great Neck, NY, for more than four decades. She and her husband made Aliyah to Jerusalem in September of 2020.