Miss Pamela Rivka Simonsson


Pamela Rivka Simonsson has recently moved to New York from London, England. In the UK, she held the position of Director of Learning for Limmudei Kodesh at Hasmonean High School for Girls and she ran Midreshet Chaya, a pre- and post-seminary learning programme in her home. Both at Midreshet Chaya and in the wider London kehilla, Pamela Rivka has taught chaburos and delivered shiurim in Tanach, Hashkafa, Mussar and Machshava. She mentors young adults in spiritual development. Pamela Rivka has recently joined the OU Women’s Initiative team and will continue working in chinuch and programming for women and girls in the US. She taught Sefer Yehoshua for Torat Imecha Nach Yomi.