Mrs. Leah Herzog


Leah Herzog is an educator, writer and psychologist who currently teaches at MATAN and various midrashoth, as well as international zoom classes and lectures. She also works as an instructional coach and a museum educator, and is a certified tour guide at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem. Leah graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Psychology from Barnard College, when she was also inducted into the Phi Betta Kappa society, and earned her Teacher’s Certification from Michlalah, the Jerusalem College for Women. She holds an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago and continued her doctoral work in the same field; she also received certification from the Administrator Development Academy at the University of Cincinnati. Leah has taught Tanach and psychology to high school students and adults for over 30 years; in addition, Leah chaired the Tanach department at RKYHS in Livingston, NJ . Before her aliya in 2019, Leah taught Tanach and was the co-director of Israel Guidance at Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, NJ for 13 years. Leah is also a writer, a Sefaria Educator, a certified mentor and an expert in Project-Based Learning in the Jewish studies classroom. She also liaises with the human networks around people with impairments, as well as supporting and educating regarding infertility and pregnancy loss. She lives in Givat Ze’ev with her husband, Rabbi Avi Herzog and has two adult children.