Reimagining Leadership: Pandemic and Beyond – Presenter Information

What specific topics will be addressed? 

  • Programming – current program challenges and ideas, reimagining program needs and formats post Covid, long term impact of virtual programming. 
  • Boards/ Leadership – virtual meetings, dealing with interpersonal dynamics and heightened emotions, working together – alone. 
  • Budgeting, Fundraising:  long term impact on our current organizational economic models, lessons from the last setback of 2008, fundraising with sensitivity, impact on fundraising.  
  • Reimaging organizations, goals and missions in response to the new reality. 
  • Incorporate forums for continued discussion for each session.


Will the sessions be live or pre-recorded? 

  • Sessions will be live 


What technology will I need in order to be able to present?  

  • Comfort using Zoom
  • A smart phone or device with cellular service in case of a wifi glitch 
  • Ideal setting to present: quiet room with closed door, table or desk to rest your computer or device, solid wall or bookcase behind you when you are recording (no artificial backgrounds) 
  • We will be in touch with more specific information.


How will we test the technology in advance of my session? 

  • We help you set up the program and run a test session. 


What options are available to make my session more interactive?

  • Option for questions and answers to be sent in advance.
  • Questions and/or responses and comments during the session: chat box, hand raise, mute/unmute. 
  • OU Women’s Initiative staff will serve as a “host” and  help manage the different features.
  • You will have the ability to share your screen to present power points, short video clips, etc. 
  • We hope to have access to two or three breakout rooms.


What will the honorarium be for my session? 

  • We have secured a $250 honorarium.   


What is the schedule for the day? How will the schedule work? 

  • We will provide 6 sessions, one session in each time slot (times are EST) .  Sessions will be spread throughout the day to accomodate varying participant schedules and time zones.  
  • Participants will register for as many sessions as they would like.  We anticipate that most women will participate in and average of 3 sessions.