OU Women’s Initiative Impact Institute Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the OU Women’s Initiative Impact Institute! This application is for the Professionals Track, specifically geared toward Orthodox female professionals with 3-5 years of working experience in the non-for-profit workplace.

Please note that this program includes mandatory sessions: One in-person, one-day seminar at the Orthodox Union office in Downtown Manhattan on Sunday, January 6th and another closing seminar in June. In between there will be 4 synchronous, virtual sessions. For both in-person seminars, participants are responsible for their own transportation/travel costs.  

The cost for the program is $500, which will be subsidized by your Organization. There is an $18 Application Form Fee however, that is required to complete this application.

Please note the deadline for all applications is Friday, December 7th.

If you have any questions, please contact Rebbetzin Dr. Adina Shmidman at ashmidman@ou.org.