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Sharon Konigsberg
Sharon is a humnble and inspiring leader of the women of Congregation Israel of Springfield. She sends out information, links, reminders, etc about the OU Women's Daily Learning. She also leads us in prayers during our Tehillim for the chayalim. Sharon took all of this on and does even more to role model leader and woman with deep emunah.
by Shari
Michelle Burstein
Michelle Burstein is the organizer of the Women's Shiur of Congregation Israel of Springfield. She came up with the brilliant idea of moving the Rabbi's Shiur for Women from the Shul to congregants' homes. As a result, attendance went from 5 - 8 women to 10- 15 or more women. Our Rabbi's Shiurim are amazing and we can thank Michelle for helping to make sure they are scheduled.
by Shari
Rebbetzin Lea Marcus
Lea is an amazing, behind-the-scenes support for our synagogue, Congregation Israel in Springfield, NJ. She refuses to take credit for all that she does to inspire us and provide us with the means to add Tehillim to our weekly shiurim and Shabbat Kiddush. She quietly nudges us with passion and her deep emunah in our davening. Her sense of humor and deep empathy is felt by everyone. She and our Rabbi are the most humble and spiritually and religiously forceful people. She is a role model for us all!
by Shari
Rebbetzin Rivka Jaffe is an inspiration to not only the kihillah Ahavath Yisrael, but to so many more in our Highland Park/Edison community in NJ. She has inspired us to join the OU NACH YOMI learning series. She has dedicated her time to teaching and learning by opening up her house as a place of learning and celebrating the completion of each book we learn. She has provided much needed chizuk to many women. What people need to know is that Rebeetzin Rivka has some challenges and obstacles she has been faced with. In spite of these challenges, Rebbetzin Rivka keeps a smile on her face, and continues to encourage to others to stay strong. There is so much to say about her. A most worthy candidate to be recognized as a strong, inspiring Torah loving Jew.
by Cynthia
Liz Brauser Hollywood, FL
Liz is an advocate for Israel, Israeli Soldiers and Judaism. She fearlessly defends and debates online and is not afraid to correct people and set them straight on the facts, while teaching them the truth about Israeli/Jewish history. She does it in an open and friendly way and reaches out to Israel's friends both Jewish and non-Jewish and always expresses gratitude for their support. She sets an example for us all.
by Cynthia
Rebbetzin Harriet Feigenbaum
Mrs. Feigenbaum is the matriarch of her family. She has children grandchildren and great grandchildren. everyone phones her on Friday from all over the world. She keeps Eveyone together. And she keeps up with her friends too. I think she is an amazing person.
by Shelley Dalya
Shoshana Rapps
Shoshana,blei ayin harah,is an amazing person.I am in awe of all the things she is involved with.She takes on so many responsibilities from her teaching to her social work to her friends and family, She is truly “hester panim” and a true role model!!!
by Tzippy
Rebbetzin Dina Fink
She runs an organization called Lechu Venelcha which is for post seminary girls. This is a non profit organization that provides opportunities for girls to continue their Jewish education through attending shiurim, inspirational shabbatons, trips to places of Jewish interest. She does not take a salary for this; it is a labor of love. Dina is a teacher and lecturer and everything else in her spare time. Mom. Grandma. Friend to so many. She gives 100 percent of herself to others and makes very little time for herself. I’ve always thought of her as a ‘pathalogical giver’ She’s really very special. And I would love for her to treated to some self care.
by Marion
Ramona Goodman Wolpoe
Yes, she is my sister but she is so much more! She is a wonderful friend. Ramona flies or drives to weddings of her friends’ children in Boston, Israel, Canada, Long Island, Brooklyn frequently spending her whole Sunday or evening in order to attend. She rejoices with her friends as they marry, have children, graduate, be honored at various events, or become grandparents. Ramona also shares in their pain when a parent or spouse dies, when there is a sickness in the family or if her friend is just having a hard time. She spends a good time of her free time visiting people who are sitting shiva, taking a friend out for a pick-me-up meal or activity or bringing them some of her home cooked dinners. Ramona is a devoted mother and grandmother. She has raised to responsible adults. Her daughter followed in her footsteps and became a lawyer. Her son is in finance and recently bought a house near his mother with his wife and two children. Ramona can often be found crossing the George Washington Bridge to go into New York City to help her daughter move or move out or to bring her daughter chicken soup when she is sick or just to pick her up to spend some quality time together. Ramona frequently babysits for her grandchildren, stays overnight when her son and daughter-in-law have to be out of the house or have to go to a simcha over Shabbat. At any given moment, Ramona will happily show you pictures and videos of her children and grandchildren. Sometimes you don’t even need to ask. But even more amazing is that Ramona is careful not to intrude on her children’s privacy. She doesn’t tell them what to do or how to decorate or even what doctor to visit. How many Jewish mothers do you know I can do that? In addition to all of that, Ramona uses her legal skills to help others in need. She has helped schools, charity organizations, single mothers families, with low income, and women seeking a get. Without taking any payment, she has helped these organizations and people deal with landlords rental agreements, buying homes and countless other things. She is quick to offer a job within her firm to any law student or young paralegal. Ramona is always finding ways to support those in need. She even took care of the legalities of my father‘s estate after he died giving me at 19 years old a less stressful existence while we were all coping with our grief. When she’s not doing any of these things, you can find her swimming. She has always been devoted to the water and has a strong conviction that everyone should know how to swim. While you can find Ramona instructing students at the local JCC, she also, again without payment, teaches anyone she comes across who does not yet know how to swim. My sister has helped me recently during my fight with breast cancer. She took me to chemotherapy appointments and doctor appointments. She bought me silly things to keep my mind off of what was going on in my life she took care. She helped take care of my family and made sure they had what they needed when I was not able. She was my biggest cheerleader, and I am forever. Grateful for all of her support -not just for me but for my family, too. If she ever finds out that I nominated her, she’ll probably hate that. I exposed all of her secrets, but she is one of the good ones. I think she deserves the recognition.
by Judi
Adina Shmidman
Dr. Shmidman has in her role as director of the Women’s Initiative of the OU has brought together religious women from around the US in a multitude of ways that never happened before. Programs have engaged women in ongoing learning. Programs have promoted leadership skills and support for women in Jewish Communal roles. Programs have provided training in mental health to enable women in communal roles to be trike helpful to those who come to them for help. During the current crisis in Israel she has organized missions for women in the US to bear witness and help Israelis. Clearly this is more than a job for Dr. Shmidman. It is a mission - religious imperative to infuse Torah into all of life by facing the challenges of life with knowledge and conviction.
by Bracha
Rae Shagalov
Rae is a very compassionate woman. That motivate Jewish Women to find their passion and be proud of being Jewish whether it is in their home or in public. Rae motivate Jewish women to take part in Hayom Yom, in reading the parasha for each week. Rae encourages Jewish women as being a role model and living a kosher lifestyle. Her Jewish perspective of being Jewish is to live by what should comes natural.
by Shifra
Esther (Feintuch)
I nominate my friend Esther, who was born on Taanis Esther, to be our modern-day Queen Esther. Modern-day Queen Esther was raised by grandparents who unfortunately did not know the value of a Torah lifestyle. Esther emerged whole and healthy in so many ways. She emerged pure and connected to Hashem, normal and well-rounded - and with an incredible sense of humor. I watched my Queen Esther face overwhelming challenges numerous times with strength and pure faith. During times when others would panic or question their lot in life, Esther responded with the name of Hashem on her lips. "Hashem can do anything" was what she said and what she believed. Modern-day Queen Esther is just like most of us. She loves chocolate cake, jewelry, and a pampering massage. At the same time, she is an inspiration - showing us how to hang on and hope to Hashem at all times.
by Hudis
Mrs. Nechi Gold
For many years Nechi has organized and hosted the weekly Helen Gelbwachs Shabbos Afternoon Shiur in Kensington, Brooklyn. Nechi has welcomed the young women in the neighborhood who live in a group home for developmentally delayed women. She has invited weekly speakers over the years, both men and women, to speak on the parasha, arranged meeting spaces, sent flyers to those who are potentially interested and has organized through sincere gratitude and good public relations, a cadre of returning speakers who donate their time to the women's learning. As her husband, Rabbi Avi Gold, cheerfully announced after one of his shiurim, Nechi is so methodical about mailing each speaker a personalized thank you that she even goes to the mailbox to mail him a letter of thanks after he speaks. Nechi has provided a hub for learning, sharing good news and for socialization to the community for years. She has never been taken for granted but she provides a service to the community which has become an integral part of life here.
by Anne
Yocheved Schnitzler
She sacrificed a major part of her youth for others
by Rachel
Shirel Yerushalmi
Shirel is a woman in my community who inspires me. A few years ago, she lost her husband, leaving her a widow with 3 children. As a tribute to her late husband, Shirel started a WhatsApp group for Sefer Tehillim where each week she posts a 2-page explanation for a new perek, as well as a recording and a PDF download. It takes her hours to find the meforshim, translate them, and write it all up. She also prints copies of her Tehillim blog and puts them by the local shuls for them to read over Shabbos. There are currently 260 people in her group. In addition, every Shabbos afternoon she hosts a Tehillim group in her house where the neighborhood children come to say Tehillim and get a small treat. This is all done at her own expense, as well as a huge investment of time. So many of us benefit from her Tehillim group, and the fact that she balances this project while still working and looking after her children without any support is truly inspiring and humbling. I would love for this woman who gives so much to all of us to have a turn to be pampered and treated herself.
by Chana Meira
Esther Hyman
Esther is a beautiful Jewish women full of strength and joy. She has dealt with challenges and only comes out stronger and better. She is someone I look up to!
by Raizy
Sara Frenkel
My youngest daughter is an achiever. She’s nearly done with undergraduate work and interning in a senate office. She’s a hard either and gets excellent grades. Works with kids groups on Shabbat at a city synagogue
by Judy
Stacey Zanjirian
Stacey epitomizes the mover and leader that every community needs at their helm. She mobilizes chessed, spreads Torah, insights and chizzuk in everything that she does. I’m not quite sure sometimes how she has time to do all of this and manage a home! No initiative is left unexplored , she puts her heart and soul into everything she learns and at the heart of it is the kindest friend who will go to the ends of the earth for a fellow yid. Every women in our community knows that when you need to get the job done, you need to get Stacey involved . She brings ideas to fruition and by doing so creates an avirah of growth and warmth.
by Chevy
Yael Cortell
I am so proud to be the friend of Yael Cortell, the secular studies principal of my daughters' school the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. Yael achieves the elusive and delicate balance of being a strong leader while maintaining her modesty and humility. She fosters a growth mindset in staff and students and is continuously keeping up to date in the latest pedagogical research and shares it with her team. She keeps her 'desk' in the hallway so she can have touch points with the girls and builds them up with warmth and intelligence. I feel so blessed to have her as a resource to our community and a role model for my girls.
by Malka
Esther Birnbaum
I am nominating my mother for raising 2 kids largely on her own. Despite the hardships, she also made sure to do her best to keep a positive and happy environment.
by EC
Shani Marks Hollander
Shani has been a true friend over the last few years. But more importantly she’s done Nach Yoni with her mother and this cycle she has to do it on her own. The Five Towns didn’t have a chapter so she started one and a WhatsApp chat to keep us going. This is my first time doing Nach Yomi and I hope, with Shani’s constant motivation, that I will be able to complete it in zechut of her mother a”h.
by Melanie
Chana Appel
This amazing woman has been entertaining children of evacuees in numerous hotels in Jerusalem as a clown, encouraging all the women in her neighborhood to visit the evacuees and help them with their needs, providing entertainment - (everything from shiurim to music to belly dancing) for the evacuees and organizing and running a gemach in the Olive Tree hotel for the evacuees, plus much much more.
by Judy
Mrs. Elaine Saklad
Elaine Saklad and I live in a small, wonderful community (Providence, RI). She is my role model for "emor me'at v'assei harbei"! She is an accomplished IT manager at an ivy-league university, and yet is unassuming and modest. Never a word about how smart she is! Elaine is devoted to growth in Torah learning. She has been a Nach Yomi participant for years. She is the force who organizes the weekly women's shiur that our Rav offers. Elaine and her 'Partner in Torah', who is a highly intelligent like-minded Torah seeker, study together far more than the scheduled one hour per week. They meet in shul every Shabbos afternoon, when others are enjoying a Shabbos nap. They sit together during tefilla and Torah reading, so that Elaine can help navigate and whisper responses in the ear of her eager student and dear friend. In her "spare time", Elaine fills several community service positions. She served as the shul secretary for many years. Recently, her duties were 'reduced' to the person to contact if you want to sponsor kiddush. No matter what her 'job title', Elaine steps up to fill every void, in order to further the physical and spiritual growth of our community. She initiates and drives many programs which are nowhere to be found in the job description of 'kiddush coordinator'. When she feels that a community Purim seuda is beneficial, she recruits a team, sends out task lists covering every detail, and enters her own name next to several of those tasks! Working with Elaine on any initiative is a lesson in Middos Tovos. Not only are her Derech Eretz and Kavod HaTorah when consulting with our Rav exemplary, but Elaine's soft-spoken and respectful manner are extended to everyone! Even when we work together in the shul kitchen, Elaine conveys only approval and gratitude for the work being done. She must be a great manager at work - who wouldn't want to report to a patient, wise, respectful, smart woman like Elaine Saklad! We are fortunate that she lives in our community, and I feel blessed to call her my friend!
by Ruchama
My mother
My mother went trough a tough time when I was 6 she heard that she had cancer in her kidney and it was already life threatening and she stayed strong just like Ester and when I was 10 the cancer came back and she told me that she is going to die but she stayed strong like Ester and waited like Ester and didn't know why this was happening and why Hashemi did it but she stayed strong and survived when I was 11 she became a Bala teshuva and when I was 12 we went and moved to isreal there when I was 13 we herd that the cancer came back and now she needed to go through a tough surgery but bh came out a live and she stayed strong she didn't give up like Ester. When I was 14 we heard that again she had cancer but this time not in her kidney like all the other times it was a big tumor in her head and she was shocked everyone was but we didn't give up. She went trough a surgery the next week right after shabbat and they told us that she survived and bh is oke know you can say oooh where is Hashem look he gave her so many times cancer and dangerous operations but I can see Hashem without the cancer we would still be in holland and live like a non jew but because of the cancer we did teshuva! And with the tumor in her brain they said that she might not speak and will stay a long time in the hospital and when the doctor came out he said that it was a miracle because the tumor was much bigger than what we thought and what we thought was already big and when she came out 6 ours after her operation she spoke and 3 days 3DAYS after we left the hospital and made sure we danced HASHEM was a big part of this story I am now 14 and don't know what is going to happen but one thing g I know for sure HASHEM IS WITH ME
by Ewa
Tammy Stern
Tammy has organized sending 90 duffels of supplies and letters to chayalim. She sends out a list of supplies on a WhatsApp group, people order and send/bring to her and she organizes the packing and sending of the duffels. Children drop off cards and letters that get put with the supplies. She has coordinated this effort with Lev lchayal.
by Kashi
Rebbitzin Rivka Jaffe
Rivja is much more than our Shul Rebbitzin Sge is an amazing friend, mentor , counselor and role model. She goes above and beyond to assist her husband Rabbi Gedalia Haffe To inspire women and girls in our community to advance in Torah learning and Emunah In spite of her own family responsibilities and work responsibilities she has started a clothing giveaway initiative and a program to support single Moms She is our Special Esther and we love her and truly thank her for her daily efforts tgat always go above and beyond!!!
by Sharon
Mrs. Rikki Reifer
Subject: Nomination for Mrs. Rikki Reifer: A Pillar of Selflessness and Community Support Dear Sweepstakes Committee, I am writing to nominate an extraordinary individual, Mrs. Rikki Reifer, for the distinguished recognition within your esteemed sweepstakes. Rarely does one come across a person who embodies selflessness, dedication, and unwavering commitment to community welfare as Mrs. Reifer does. Mrs. Reifer is a beacon of hope and support in our community. She has taken on the significant role of ensuring that anyone in need, especially within the Jewish community, receives the respectful and proper rites they deserve. Her dedication extends to leading and organizing multiple taharas a day, guaranteeing that no one is turned away, and everyone is treated with dignity in their final journey. Beyond her commitments to honoring the departed, Mrs. Reifer is a tireless volunteer, deeply involved in various facets of community service. She is at the forefront of initiatives, including the fundraising, where her efforts directly contribute to the betterment of many lives. Her generosity knows no bounds; she cooks for anyone in need—be it a family of four or a solitary individual embracing both familiar faces and strangers alike. Mrs. Reifer opens her home and heart, hosting and caring for people, making everyone feel welcome and valued. In addition to her remarkable efforts mentioned above, Mrs. Reifer has spearheaded initiatives that further demonstrate her commitment to community welfare. Notably, she has been instrumental in starting Bikkur Cholim in the Washington area, organizing and running the organization, while others recruited received the credit and her not seeking that type of attention. Ensuring the sick and their families and loved ones have access to essential services. Her unwavering and unrecognized vision and quiet leadership ensured the establishment of kosher pantries and the creation of Shabbat boxes for those families in hospitals in the Washington area, addressing a critical need and ensuring that patients and their families have access to proper nutrition in accordance with their faith, even in challenging times. Mrs. Reifer’s ability to identify and fulfill such vital needs on her own, often with very little support of organizational leaders, speaks volumes about her dedication and leadership qualities. She never turns away those in need, whether patients or families, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to service and compassion. Her willingness to take ownership of these initiatives, ensuring their success regardless of the challenges, further exemplifies her selfless nature and her role as a pillar of support within the community. Moreover, Mrs. Reifer has also generously stepped up to volunteer to work at the Mikvah on erev Shabbat, given her proximity to the synagogue. This role, crucial for the spiritual and ritual well-being of the community, especially Taharat Hamishpachah highlights her deep commitment to faith and service. Her willingness to contribute her time and efforts to this important aspect of Jewish life further showcases her dedication to the community’s spiritual health and her unwavering support for its members. What makes Mrs. Reifer truly exceptional is her selflessness. Amidst her extensive charity work, she has also been a devoted caregiver to her parents. Following the passing of her beloved mother, she has continued to support her father, frequently traveling to New York and Florida. She manages his daily needs, from cooking to attending doctor’s appointments, all while being a pillar of strength and compassion. Mrs. Reifer’s actions are a testament to her incredible spirit and selfless nature. She embodies the essence of community service and philanthropy, never seeking recognition for her actions but always ensuring the needs of others are met. It is for these reasons, and many more, that I believe Mrs. Rikki Reifer is more than deserving of acknowledgment and reward for her tireless efforts and boundless kindness. Please consider Mrs. Reifer for this recognition, not only as a testament to her individual contributions but also as an inspiration to others to follow in her footsteps of service and selflessness. Thank you for considering this nomination and for recognizing the unsung heroes among us.
by Sheryl
Mindy Daitchman
Following in the footsteps of her dear parents Rabbi Meir Smith and Mrs. Bella Smith Z"L, Mindy is a force of nature the Twin Cities Jewish community. Through her efforts and pioneering, JSU has been brought into countless public schools, giving Jewish students a much needed safe space and bringing them closer to Yiddishkeit through programing, shabbatonim, chessed opportunities. Mindy also has organized trips to Israel for Jewish mothers to bring them closer to Yiddishkeit.
by Shulamit
Shani Glenn
Shani has had a lot of challenges in her life, losing her mother at a younger age, living alone for many years, but keeps growing and connecting to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. She has two WhatsApp chats where she reads a page a day of English musser sefarim to whoever wants to start off their day to grow Iin various areas of abodes Hashem. I am fortunate to learn from her and grow more each day because of her!
by Ruth
Sefira Lightstone
This woman is an activist, artist/illustrator and amazing woman sharing love and light
by Chaya
Atara Esther Lavi
I nominate my wife, Atara Esther Lavi, because, aside for her name loosely meaning “the crown of Esther”, she reminds me of the original queen Esther in many ways. First of all, her beauty radiates from an inner essence that is really hard to miss. I myself recall my first encounter with it and it literally knocked me over. I have never met anyone else like that before or since, but I imagine queen Esther must have been like that. Beyond that, she feels a natural empathy to the entire Jewish people. As somewhat of a cynic, I wouldn’t believe how genuine her love and concern for the Jewish people was if I didn’t see her carry both the sorrow and the joy of those who are privileged to know her on a daily (and nightly) basis. Finally, she is a model of self sacrifice for the greater good. Despite her own personal dream of self actualization and living in Israel (which we were blessed to do for 16 years), all of those aspirations take a back seat to the needs of others. She is the truest form of a human being that subjugated their will for the common good and the will of Hashem. As far as I am concerned, nothing could be more worthy of comparison to queen Esther than that.
by Edo
Judy Elias
Judy is the founder and CEO of Heroes to Heroes Foundation (, a non-profit organization that helps American and IDF veterans who have either attempted suicide or are on a path of self destruction. The veterans participate in a 12 month curriculum which includes a 10 day journey to Israel, and helps them reconnect with their Creator via a spiritual pathway which includes Torah principles. She has saved the lives of over 400 veterans, helping them reconnect with HaShem to find forgiveness. She is not only my wife but a modern day Ayeshes Chayil.
by Zev
Mindy Daitchman
Mindy is wonderful. She makes sure that local jewish public school kids have a safe space in the form of "Jewish clubs" - which are more important than ever right now.
by Yelena
Mindy Daitchman
Mindy is an amazing leader and a role model. Before joining JSU she led a group of women on the MOmentum trip and helped to make it unforgettable experience for many of us. We’re so happy to have Mindy in our and our kids’ lives!
by Ella
Mindy Daitchman
Mindy is awesome! She runs so many JSU’s in our local high schools and is giving Jewish teens amazing opportunities to grow in their Judaism. Mindy puts so much time, effort, and love into her job. She is truly superwoman!
by Elizabeth
Mrs. Mindy Daitchman
Mindy is amazing at spreading the light of Yiddishkeit throughout the Twin cities. Just like her mother Mrs. Bella Smith AH, Mindy continues her legacy of sharing a kind word, thinking of others, and teaching Torah to those around her.
by M
Mindy Daitchman
Mindy is the reason we have kids involved Jewishly in public schools and is steadfast in bringing fun content and programming to high school teens. Mindy is approachable and my daughter loves NCSY because of Mindy. Mindy makes sure all kids know about upcoming activities and that all feel welcomed and personally invited. She is a strong women figure in our Jewish world in Mpls.
by Alissa
Mindy Daitchman
For making sure that the public school kids in Minneapolis, MN have a strong Jewish identity, through cool clubs and amazing programming.
by Miryam
Mindy Daitchman
Besides being a fantastic wife and mother to our children, she works a full day (and more) job as Director of NCSY/JSU of Minneapolis. After October 7 she took it upon herself to make sure the teens in public schools were safe and had a place to go and talk with fellow jewish teens about how to cope with being jewish nowadays in public schools. She brought in therapists and Jewish leaders to help the teens with issues. She is currently in 18 public schools in Minneapolis/St. Paul is making her way into 4 more for next school year. Wherever there is a jew in need, she wants to be there to help. She wants these teens to be proud to be Jewish and continue learning more about our religion. Having over 100 people at a Friday Night Shabbat dinner, where she invited teens and their parents to come, was a recent highlight that our Ncsy community has never done. The feedback was terrific, and we have had teens and parents come back to our shul the past couple of weeks for davening because they felt a connection and wanted more. Mindy deserves the honor of being nominated for our Queen Esther! Thank you
by Ezra
Bat Mishael
I met Bat on a woman's mizrachi mission from Chicago that came to hug the women worriers in Israel.( I live in israel but joined for the day) Bat lives in ofakim. She is a police woman who miraculously survived nova. She isn't religious, but won't work in shababt to make more money. Only if it is her shift. She was on duty during the atrocities. She acted with such strength and courage , sending smiling selfies from the battle field in order to keep others calm. She single handedly calmed and saved countless people all while injured by an rpg and even after she ran out of ammunition , she pretended she had, as to not have others be afraid. She acted with courage and bravery and saved so many lives. Bat lost her best friend Devorah , also a cop, during the attack . Devorah was dedicated to doing chesed for the needy, but in private . She too wasn't religious . She was killed protecting our land and our people. When we met Bat, we did hafrashat challa in her house , which she hasn't ever done . She davened. We sang and cried and embraced. Bat now dedicates her life spreading the light of her dear friend , doing chesed and making the world a bit brighter. I nominate Bat for her courage , for being the modern day Esther who realized that this is what I need to do. Along with all of klal Yisroel, She is so scarred from her experience. she deserves to be recognized for her bravery and ability to calm her husband, kids, parents and strangers while being in a nightmare. I believe Bat has a very strong connection with Hashem. She claims she was saved because it must be her work is not done here. I nominate Bat for turning to Hashem to daven, for the first time in her life ! , for realizing the salvation comes from Him and Him alone . And I nominate her for chesed. She is literally bringing mashiach.
by Ilana
Liat Cohen
She has adopted a child in addition to their own children.
by Francine
Esther Monovitz
With great emunah, devotion, and modesty, Esther has been giving shiurim for the women in our community every Shabbat afternoon for the past almost thirty years. She graciously opens her home with a smile and warmth for learning Torah, making everyone feel welcome. We have rarely missed a week. Many years ago, Esther also initiated and organized a women's Tehillim group. At first we said Tehillim together every Shabbat morning after davening, but when the coronavirus broke out, Esther made sure we continued as a group, completing the entire book of Tehillim, each woman in her own home. This year, when the war broke out, we began meeting at Esther's home every day to read Tehillim and daven for our chayalim, for the wounded, for the hostages, and for Am Yisrael. There is no doubt that learning and davening over the years has strengthened all of us.
by שושנה
Reb. Miriam Mammon
Reb. Miriam Mammon is a true example of Esther in our current times, a role model for all who know her. She is the rebetzin of an out-of-town community in Rochester, NY for many years and has impacted the town and its residents in innumerable ways. Miriam constantly hosts families and singles who benefit incredibly from her warm, nurturing, and comprehensive care. She oversees outreach and community care, welcoming all Jews. She cooks and sets up siyumim, potluck suppers, the kiruv center (her home), and anyone who has a need knows that he/sheis welcome in her home. She teaches in the local school, gives numerous shiurim during the week for the women of the community - ranging from topics like Tefillah to achieving happiness in marriage from a Jewish perspective. Miriam is one of the warmest, most welcoming, and caring individuals you will ever meet. Besides being an exemplary mother and wife, and fulfulling her role as Rebetzin, in her very little spare time, Miriam is a shadchan and coach, helping singles from all walks of life find their bashert. Reb. Miriam is an eizer to her husband, Rabbi Avi Mammon shlita, in every way, serving the community selflessly.
by Zipa Leah
Esther Merzel
She does a tremendous amount of chewed and learning. She also leads a Kiddush HaShem chaburah
by Leah
My mom Dr. Rinat Green
My mom is a very special woman, she created and runs an organization in Israel called Kol Koreh to help kids with learning disabilities and dyslexia and is constantly working towards helping to provide them with the support they need to excel and reach their highest potential. Juggling her organization , 7 kids and her son fighting in Gaza since October 7th she hasn’t had it easy but continues to stand strong and do all she can to help each and every kid in her organization, her children and doesn’t stop volunteering and doing whatever she can to help my brother, his unit and the whole idf with whatever she can , if it’s raising money for gear, connecting with people all around the world to help get it here, being a strong support system for the kids in her organization and keeping us her kids at as much ease as she can while we live through this war. She doesn’t stop doing everything she can for everyone around her, as she says there’s not enough hours in a day. She is so incredible and she deserves this award.
by Sarah
Mrs Orly Nadler
Orly is an incredible educator and visionary. Formerly the head of IT at Ma'ayanot High School for Girls in Teaneck, Orly directed the network, trained teachers on the use of emerging digital tools and inaugurated a program putting the Arts in STEM. Orly is currently(and fittingly)the Head of Innovation at the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CAJE), where she sparks innovation by initiating new programs like the Design and Fabrication Collection, Extreme Engineering Challenge, Unconferences and the Girls’ Future Engineers trip to Boston/MIT. With a B.S. in Information Systems from Stern College and an M.A. in Jewish Philosophy from Yeshiva University, Orly fuses Torah and Technology, speaking at conferences around the U.S. and in Israel, empowering both students and teachers to explore, create and innovate. Closer to home, Orly opened her home(and backyard)and with her husband, R. Yaakov Nadler, spearheading a minyan during Covid that provided regular davening and outdoor events for two years, creating a joyous community during the pandemic. She is the mother of four boys,an avid outdoor enthusiast and cyclist and brings Torah and vision to everything she does.
by Devorah
Leora Sulimanoff
Leora is an incredible person. She's very smart and capable of doing amazing things with leining and tefillot for women's minyanim, but that's not even why I'm nominating her. She's also a mother of 5 kids who are very close in age, including twin boys. But, that's not why I'm nominating her. At my daughter's middle school she is the gym teacher, coach of the sports teams, the student activities director, and director of the 8th grade girls' school musical, and so much more. She jumps in and fills in gaps out of the kindness of her heart. She is dynamic, juggles brilliantly, and always smiles and has a very upbeat and cheerful demeanor. I am in awe of her. Her husband leins the parshah hashavua and sometimes even the haftorah for multiple minyanim in our shul every Shabbat. He jumps around also filling in wherever there is a gap. Leora manages their kids solo each Shabbat morning while generously lending him to the shul for hours and hours every week.
by Allyson
Yael Davidowitz
Yael's "Bitachon in our Times" series was and is extremely strengthening to me now, during the war here in Israel. I continue to re-listen to the podcasts, and to the long program (interview w/Rebbetzin Dr. Adina Shmidman). her work is well-researched & clear. the short but deep lessons are easy to internalize. her voice is full of warmth, comfort, sincerity, and authenticity. both her material and the personal touch she gives it make her a source of inspiration and chizuk.
by Hallie
Malky Gordon
My mother is the ultimate Esther. Her tznius is one that comes from within. She’s the prime example of a baalas chessed. Always involved in every opportunity. Always quietly never with recognition. Schools, shuls, hospitals, chevra kadisha. She truly does it all. Our home is one that is always open. Always hosting dvarim kedushim. She has emunah that is tangible. She faces nisyonos quietly and with grace. She speaks to Hashem and knows there’s nothing else worth turning to. She is my role model, my Esther, my everything.
by Ariella
Sarah Scheller
Hashem planted a rare flower in my backyard as a gift to me and my family over 30 years ago , and that flower is still producing the most magnificent blossoms! Like the biblical Sarah,she is tzanuah, wise , and her home is literally open to all.. her doors are never locked.. Chesed oozes from her. She volunteers her time, her creativity to every community event and project. My children, at a young age recognised her warmth and wise counsel-and accessed her home through the back door! When I was home bound, she proposed we learn together and came up through the yard to my home and be Mchazek me.I treasured those sessions ! Sheva Brachot,Kiddushim, She will be there to help! Trust me when I say- her home is a Mikdash M’at. I have been blessed to have her in my garden!
by Heather
Erin Cooper Stiebel
I am nominating Erin Stiebel because she is a SuperWoman, a true Eshes Chayil, like Esther! Erin NEVER has an excuse to say she can't - she ALWAYS makes the time to prepare meals for others in need, helps in any way possible, goes out of her way to meet people, inviting them for a beautiful Shabbos, many times it's their first Shabbos experience. She makes everyone feel special and still manages to take care of her 5 precious kids while also being an amazing wife, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, teacher and friend! She is strong and brave like Esther was and has true emunah in Hashem. She has a beautiful way of speaking words of Torah and has a magnetic personality that draws everyone to her. As wonderful as she is, she remains very humble and continues to bring sunshine and comfort wherever she goes. She has the patience to teach others and the wisdom to learn from others as well. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this amazing woman who is truly worthy of being our Esther! Thank you.
by Cindy
Mindy Daitchman - NCSY Minneapolis Director As the Director of Minneapolis NCSY and JSU, Mindy makes an impact in the lives of hundreds of local high school students - that's right - hundreds! Since October 7, Mindy has expanded the JSU program into several new high schools and provides many off campus Jewish experiences for the students, including Torah Study learning programs sessions and relief mission style trips. Mindy is providing a connection to Judaism that these teens would not otherwise have. Esther exemplified sacrificing herself for Klal Yisrael and Mindy makes sacrifices every day for these teens, bringing kosher food from the limited kosher sources in Minneapolis and working all hours of the day to reach the teens that are yearning for a deeper connection to Judaism.
by Jordana
Rebbetzin Chanie Klein from Eilat Israel
Chanie is originally from Milwaukkee WI and was a classmate of my daughters long ago. She is the Chabad Rebbetzin in Eilat Israel and since the horrendous Oct 7th massacre , she and her family have been doing amazing things day and night to help all the Jewish refugees that had to evacuate from their own homes. Besides fund raising and cooking and shopping she and her entire family have been opening up their own home and Chabad House etc etc do do programming and education for moms and kids and just being creatively on top of any need that arrives for these families. Chanie herself suffered a devastating loss within last year when her own dear sister obm passed away tragically. And yet she continues to emphatically work for the needs of others. Even as a young girl Chanie was always warm and outgoing and giving.she is certainly someone that if our brave Queen Esther could visit Israel in 2024, she would be so proud of Chanie Klein.
by Robin
Shana is the epitome of a hidden force to be reckoned with--humble, intelligent, and strategic. She is the strongest Jewish woman I know and I hope she wins this raffle to find rest--heavy is the head that wears the crown 👑 Much love and light, km
by Kat
Shoshi Glazer
Shoshi is the epitome of "B'makom shein ish, hishtadel lehiyot ish." She saw a need in the Baltimore community for singles to have a sense of community and a place to turn to when in need. Together with Rochel Zimun, she created "A Single Impact" which has had an enormous effect on the Baltimore community and far, far beyond. She works so hard and with such sensitivity. She inspires me!
by Shoshana
Elisheva Eisenberger
Elisheva started organizing collections for Israeli soldiers immediately on October 9th. She contacted the Flatbush Community Fund and Just one Chesed and spearheaded a campaign to get collections done in shuls and schools all over the US. They have sent over 4.5$ million in goods and donations to Israel’s front lines. She does this all while juggling a full time job and her family. She is a go-getter who sees a need and jumps into action.
by Shayna
Michal started as my ever patient chavruta and encouraged my religious journey in my own time and nontraditional path. Her inner strength in the face of incredible personal adversity for helping expand and build our people one neshama at a time embodies the attributes of Esther in our time.
by Shana
Yael Cortell
Yael is the principal of SEcular Studies at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and is a powerhouse, highly thoughtful and academically driven person. She is quite religious (Orthodox), and a very devout Jew who is a tremendous role model to her students. She also cares about everyone deeply, and is a true leader.
by Sara
Cheryl Bayla Benjamin
Dr. Benjamin is one of the most selfless women that I know. She is the most amazing mother to 4 children. She works full time as a physiatrist. She used all of her vacation time that she accumulated over the past few years to volunteer in Israel at Soroka Hospital working with wounded chayalium and even took unpaid leave to stay in Israel longer. She is very active in her Shul and volunteers for many local organizations. She deserves this honor more than anyone that I know.
by Emily
Chaya Lieba Kobernick
She is supporting Jewish women thru her thriving private DBT practice, helping those of us who struggle with intense mental health struggles. She has used her personal birth stories to create supportive courses for natural minded women.
by Tzippora
Maayan Klein
by Gila
Michal Horowitz
Need I explain?
by Yocheved
Miriam Spitz
Miriam is a mechaneches for a school in Israel, but since October 7th she has been giving gear and necessary items to chayalim and is helping to form the givat zeev rapid response team!
by Pessi
For all the ongoing support, love and care she shows all Jews, especially our soldiers, sheros and all those effected by this war.
by Yocheved
Chana Liza Myers
Chanaliza has been a good friend and support system for the last 11 years. I met her in 2013 after attending a trip with her husband and it has been history ever since. I continuously make an extra effort to keep in touch with her and think of her when sharing life events. She has seen me at my lowest points of life as well as highest. Her house is always open to guests and delicious shabbat meals. Her kids have become family as well as her and her husband and really have no idea what I would do without them. I nominate her because she has had a lasting impact on me and my family.
by Micky
Miriam Adelman
Miriam may look like an ordinary Jewish woman BUT... outside of being an incredible mother to 5 children and running a daycare which is usually booked with a waiting list, Miriam should really have super hero cape! Ever growing and looking to give, Miriam created the Ein Od Milvado bumper sticker campaign during Covid which took off across the country and which still dots parking lots across large and small Jewish community parking lots and driveways. She created a dating space in her day care and outside yard for daters during the pandemic who had no place to go. Tuned into the power and potential of children, Miriam created the Kiddush Hashem Challenge which using simple charts and very cool wrist bands works with camps and schools throughout the US to engage school age children in the pursuit of actively seeking to create Kiddush Hashem in the world. Right after Oct. 7, Miriam organized a Tehillim gathering of women in her Monsey neighborhood and week after week close to 100 women gather every Tuesday evening to hear a guest lecture for 10 minutes who prime the group for recitation of Tehillim which they complete the entire Sefer Tehillim between 10-15 times each Tuesday evening. (approx) None of these projects are every monetized. They are reflective of the embracing heart and shining neshama of Miriam.
by Yael
Meira Cowland
Meira has been an incredible source of day to day reports of what is going on in Israel without sharing any pictures or audio.
by CG
Yiscah Baldinger
Yiscah gave birth 5 years ago to a son with a condition that left him with only half a heart. Akiva lived for 3 months. She and her husband stayed in the hospital and also managed to care for their other 4 children. When Akiva died she started a non-profit organization called Project Akiva. Project Akiva sends grieving families on vacations to help them heal from their tragedy. In addition, Yiscah hosts people in the community who dont have a place to eat for Shabbos. On any given Shabbos she has an assortment of guests. She works with neuro typical kids helping them navigate their world. Yiscah is courageous, understated,funny and has a heart filled with the need to give. SHE is an amazing woman.
by Sorah Rivkah
Naomi Weiser
Naomi Weiser lost her son Roey on October 7th. He left a safe room to distract the terrorists thus saving many lives of other soldiers. Naomi has been in the news, in podcasts, at events, the Jerusalem marathon, and at the Knesset giving a voice to Roey and many soldiers . Naomi is my Queen Esther. She found her voice and is using it to help others in am yisrael. May Roey's memory always be blessed. Yehi Zichro Baruch. May Naomi continue to use her voice!
by Tania
Lea Marcus
As the rebbetzin of the Springfield NJ community, Lea is truly remarkable. She take the time to get to know every member of her kehilla and their families. She is generous with her time, fielding questions from eitzah to halacha (consulting the Rav). She is a true baalas chesed and middos, her home always being full of guests. She is a role model for learning and pushing the women in the community to continue to aim higher, always. Our community is lucky and privileged to have such a devoted leader!
by Elana
Miriam Goldberg
Miriam Goldberg is an incredible woman that lives in Ramat Eshkol in Yerushalayim. About 6 years ago she started an organization called Chizuk Series to spread the mitzvah of Taharat Hamishpacha among Jewish women locally, nationally and internationally. It began as a grassroots movement, a small group of women around her table, all struggling with primary infertility, learning the laws together. From there it grew and grew, group after group she trained women to keep the laws and have a renewed excitement for them in a whole new way than how they learned as a kallah. She always shares how kallahs are so busy and distracted and it's all so abstract and women who come to learn when they are married can take it all in on a whole new level. Miriam then put together a beautiful pamphlet on mikvah and taharat hamishpacha stories that she called Purely Inspired. The stories were shared in an engaging and personal way and were from a wide range of women keeping the laws, from secular to chassidish in Israel and internationally. Miraim then decided to capitalize on the opportunity to both spread the pamphlet far and wide while also helping to support mikvaot around the world. She donates stacks of pamphlets to the different mikvaot and has them sell it for a few dollars per pamphlet with the proceeds going directly to each mikvah. In this way she is indirectly enabling fundraising for countless mikvaot across the world. In order to enable the pamphlets to spread and be helpful to as many mikvaot as possible Miriam had them translated into multiple languages so that they are available in Hebrew, English, French and Spanish, possibly Yiddish as well. Along the way she went back to further her education and become a licensed marriage therapist to best guide the married ladies she works with. Most recently Miriam also put out a book on the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha that was published with Mosaica Press and she started teaching women to become Kallah teachers as well so that they can spread her approach of positivity and viewing the laws as beautiful individual mitzvot that come into a couples life when they are mature individuals and they get to accept these mitzvot upon themselves as adults, unlike other mitzvot that we start keeping at a young age and do them by rote and don't appreciate the meaning and beauty with the same maturity. On a personal level Miriam and her husband Yitzchak have been waiting for children for close to 21 years. Instead of moping at home or keeping to herself she took the time H' gave her and the talents she has to start a movement to increase Taharat Hamishpacha in the world. Many others in her situation would shy away from the limelight and here she puts herself out there in a public way to share her story, to give chizuk and to enable unprecedented learning and spiritual growth. Miriam is a true role model to so many and someone I truly admire and am deeply inspired from.
by Shoshana Malka
Robin Holcman
I already sent in a description of her but I wanted to add a few things. Robin is a friend, wife and mother who goes out of her way for people. As a Social Worker, she shares her expertise with friends and family. She has helped people apply for benefits although she retired from working a year ago. She is also a grief counselor and has been a great support to me when I lost my husband none years ago. Please include this in my previous email about Robin Holcman.
by Rachel
Racheli Israeli
Racheli Israeli exemplifies the embodiment of dedication, compassion, and excellence in her roles as a Judaics teacher and guidance counselor at Yeshivat Frisch. Her commitment to her students extends beyond the classroom, where she is revered for her unwavering support and guidance. Racheli's tireless efforts in nurturing and mentoring her students have left an indelible mark on the Yeshivat Frisch community. Moreover, Racheli's volunteerism with Yachad showcases her selflessness and commitment to serving others. Through her involvement with this organization, she has demonstrated a profound dedication to inclusivity and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. Her kindness, openness, and warmth shine through in every interaction, making her a cherished member of both the Yeshivat Frish and Yachad communities. Beyond her professional and volunteer endeavors, Racheli's role as my sister is equally commendable. Her unwavering support and presence make her the epitome of the best sister ever!! Racheli Israeli's remarkable contributions as a Judaics teacher, guidance counselor, volunteer, and sister make her more than deserving of recognition as an amazing lady. Her passion for education, dedication to service, and unwavering support for those around her serve as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.
by Miriam
Bonnie Rosenberg
Bonnie has really changed the face of the Palo Alto community. Bonnie is a Concierge doctor and she has been part of out synagogue for over 20 years. She was minimally involved in programming and events. A few years ago she started the first Nach Yomi cycle and when she made a Siyum, she wanted to create a Women's Rosh Chodesh group as a feeder to help families join our shul. She also helped bringing in Smadar Rosensweig as a Nach Yomi scholar in residence. She created an incredible Rosh Chodesh group and we would have around 40-50 women of all backgrounds getting together every Rosh Chodesh for a learning session and food and networking and shmoozing. When the year was up, Bonnie decided to create some Women's programming in a different manner. She made a health day for women, cooking classes, helped sponsor a Mikvah event, and a Yom Iyun before Rosh Hashana where she brought in Yocheved Davidowitz to speak from Cleveland. A year ago she helped bring in Rebbetzen Dr. Adina Shmidman as a Nach Yomi scholar to be a scholar in residence. Recently, she brought in Michal Horowitz as a scholar in residence for Shabbat. Our community gained greatly from this Shabbat! She followed it up with a two part ZOOM series on the Shma that Michal presented. Many people joined the Zoom and it greatly impacted our community. Bonnie has arranged the Women's Megillah reading which many women would not hear Megillah without this. Bonnie is dedicated to bringing Jewish Women together, inspiring then to grow, and has really created this mini community of women. She is our community's Queen Esther
by Sarah
Yael hanba gabay
Yael tirelessly ran the amuta to provide the vegan soldiers with proper food while they were fighting,for months, in gaza. I believe yael could use some pampering herself.....
by Naomi
Sandy Leider
Whatever the cause, if it involves making life better for someone in Klal Yisroel, my sister in law Sandy gets involved. She is a powerhouse of chesed and involvement. And it is never at the expense of her family. Somehow she finds more hours in the day than most of us have in a week. I could go on and list her many obligations and how she accomplishes so much every day but suffice it to say that I want to be Sandy when I grow up!
by Debby
Aleksa Muller, עמו"ש
I am nominating Alice Muller, amush, for being a true heroine, who embodies the middos from the Talmud, who is kind to everyone, and who at this stage in life, has had the courage to devote six years to gift society with her self-published frum child holocaust survivor memoir, My Name is Alice (Amazon). It was done despite the trauma, limited support and hardships, for love of Am Yisrael, and to dedicate this book to her parents z"l and then them for everything she has and is. The book is a work of aidus and kesusha and zachor and kiddush Hashem and Torah and represents what we lost with the loss of Eastern European yiddishkeit. She has also lectured in Jewish schools and to families and individuals beforehandm has advocated for Bnei Yisroel loudly, warned for 2 years the permissiveness of Jew hatered is another Holocaust, few listened including our own people, so we wrote down her testimony. She has been involved not only in davening for Jews held hostage anywhere but gone through personal efforts to to help rescue in any way she could. She is an aishes chayil, ad meah veesrim shonoh and is my personal role model and inspiration.
by Tzipporah
Debbie Portnoy
Debbie has been researching sources and preparing mega themed purim megilla/mishloach manot for over a decade. Each year she out does herself again and again. Some of her creations are museum worthy At least one was accepted into a Jewish museum Her very first presentation was rashi"s recipes complete with sources and photos in a professionally printed color catalog This year she's presenting your Esther moment with a mirrored page in order to see yourself in a role worthy of our heroic ancestor She's clearly your choice for this amazing initiative When you choose her she will proudly walk you through the decade of her genius work insisting that it's just what she enjoys and Bh can accomplish Thank you for giving her this opportunity to share the deep purim wisdom
by Tzipi
Lisa Salmanov
Lisa and her sister sprang into action on October 8 to provide combat boots for the thousands of Israeli Reservists who were called up on October 7 without gear. They have been coordinating the donations, procurement, shipments, and deliveries all of these months.
by Avril
Yael Hanna Gabay
She coordinated kosher cooks in Israel to provide meals for vegan soldiers and vegan evacuees and injured vegan soldiers in the hospitals. She and her crew picked up the meals from the cooks and drove them all over the country to where the vegans were. The group provided hundreds of meals per week; especially to provide vegan sources of protein and vegan baked goods.
by Avril
Rivkah Mark
With a handicapped son herself Rivkah has provided support and chizuk to countless woman over the past 16 years.
by Karen
Ora Chaya Berman
Ora Chaya started cooking as soon as the war started and hasn't stopped. She single-handedly organized the neighborhoods of Ramat Eshkol and Romema (and whoever else cares to join!) and has been sending food to the chayalim in at least two army bases, always calm and ready to answer questions with a smile.
by Leah
My mom, Elana Kaplan
I am nominating my mother, Elana Kaplan because she is the most inspiring and extraordinary person I know. My family is in Israel this year and since October 8th, the day after the war began, my mom has been on every single day. She spends every day doing some form of volunteering: she goes to Shiva houses and funerals, visits hospitals, packs toiletry bags and makes sandwiches for soldiers, runs art programs for evacuees in hospitals, and the list goes on and on. My mom sees a volunteer opportunity and she jumps up to do it. Since there are so many volunteer opportunities available, my mom tries to go where she is needed. Not only does my mom herself volunteer but she also helps people find volunteer opportunities. People have reached out to her from all around the world to ask for assistance in finding a volunteer opportunity that speaks to them. My mom has helped around a hundred people volunteer from friends and family to total strangers. And for the people who can't come to Israel and volunteer, my mom videos many of her volunteer experiences which she posts on Instagram and Facebook. People who watch my mom's videos feel inspired, comforted, and proud to see how amazing Am Yisroel are with their endless giving to others. Through her videos, my mom has also received many donations which she used to buy much-needed supplies for soldiers. My mom never ceases to amaze me with her constant giving to others. She never turns down an opportunity to help her fellow Jews. She has instilled in me and all my siblings the importance of and love for volunteering and doing Chesed. And now she's instilling her love for Chesed in all the people she helps.
by Avigail
My Ram in Nishmat - head of the Banot Chol
Rabbanit shira is seriously such an extraordinary women. She is a wife, mother of three children, ram of the banot chol and a Talmidah Chachamah. With the war breaking out in Isreal, her greatness shone through to greater heights . With her husband being drafted she was left looking after the family alone, along with looking after all the banot chol who have no family in Isreal. She was such a strength for each one of us in the program. With a day not going by without her positive encouragement and practical help. For instance at the beginning of the war they didn’t want us going our far by ourselves, and I was really missing my daily runs - so Rabbanit Shira offered to go on runs with me in order that I could get my daily exercise. As well she never missed a day in her daily leaning of daf yomi and still gave shir at top standard. They say not all super heros wear capes - and Rabbanit Shira is clearly one of those hidden hero’s!! These are a few reasons why I think she is a modern ester !!
by Rabbanit Shira
Hadassah Jacob
Hadassah is the Conductor of the OU Intergenerational Women's Choir. She developed this group of 40 women over the past 7 years. The choir rehearses once a week at the OU Center in Jerusalem. Hadassah composes the music that is sung and performed. In other words, they sing all original music in various musical styles from Bach to Beethoven to Jazz. Most of the Hebrew words are taken from the Liturgy and from Tehilim. The songs in English are Hadassah's poetry. The performances are renowned in the Jerusalem area. The last performance at the Begin Center for 300 women was sold out as soon as it was advertised in the Torah Tidbits. They recently presented a benefit performance for the IDF Soldiers and raised a tidy sum to aid them and their families. Hadassah is a musician par excellance. She herself is a concert pianist who has been conducting choirs since age 16. She strives for perfection and gets results. The "choir sisters" respond with great enthusiasm, rarely missing a rehearsal. Their personal friendships have developed, and they are a support system for each other. Hadassah's goal in life is to bring music as an expression of prayer, joy, thanksgiving and sometimes sorrow. She is succeeding at a high level. During this time of war in Israel where everyone is suffering a level of personal trauma, Hadassah's music as expressed through her choir is a source of balm and salve which has great power of healing for the soul. Her contribution to Am Yisrael should be recognized by all.
by rena
Chaviva Skolnik
Chaviva is the Rebetzin of Congregation Kesser Israel in Portland, and goes above and beyond in a very quiet way. Not only does she give wonderful classes and share meaningful insights, she is there for everyone who may need her. She steps in without praise. Many don't know half of what she does for the community.
by Jodi
Sara Cohen
Tefillas Chana is the full Haftorah read on the first day of Rosh Hashana. It can be found in a Chumash or Rosh Hashana Machzor. Sara started this amazing movement of women who want to have a child davaning for each other after lighting Shabbos and YT candles. This amazing initiative sends out names in weekly reminder emails where women daven for other women. The goal is 40 consecutive weeks of reciting Tefillas Chana on behalf of someone else who is also waiting to be blessed with a child . May all of these tefillos be answered ltova!
by Ruchel
Jessica Katz
Jessica, my mother in law works tirelessly on behalf of klal Yisrael in her work as Director of Yad Leah. Especially since the war began she has been working in overdrive in order to make sure that she is able to help all those in need. it is so inspirational how committed she is to making sure that all are able to dress with the dignity they deserve.
by Emma
My sister Joclyn Stern
My sister Joclyn Stern is one of the most caring, compassionate people I know. She is a good friend to all especially to the elderly, the ill, and to people living alone. A while ago, she took a course and became a chaplain. She is called upon to visit strangers in the hospital who have asked to speak to someone. Just today I had lunch with her and afterwards she was off to visit a gentleman from her shul who was in rehab after surgery. Her loving children occasionally joke about how many shiva visits she makes but her empathy is most appreciated by the mourners. She has a long time Partner in Torah and attends shiurim. Her emunah in Hashem is tremendous and fittingly she is a member of Emunah Women. I understand that this is a lottery, so fitting for Purim, but when I saw this Nominate your Esther I just had to nominate her.
by Toba
Janet Calm
Janet is an amazing, giving and loving person. She is selfless, always thinking of others and helping others in every way possible. She fulfills many mitzvot but the mitzvah of hachnassat orchim is by far her favorite!!!! She is always having guests for Shabbat or Yom Tov meals and has several live in “guests” too. She cooks and bakes everything herself, even the challah! She’s amazing. Janet is the volunteer president for an organization for Holocaust survivors. As a child of a holocaust survivor, she works very hard organizing events and get-togethers , especially around the chagim. She is also in charge of buying and putting together packages for the survivors for Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Purim. Then she and her team of volunteers deliver the packages to the survivors. She hand writes personal notes of thanks to anyone who gives a donation. There is much more that Janet does. These are just a few examples. Her husband, Fred, also a child of a holocaust survivor is also involved. I am honored to call Janet my friend!
by Sheila
Naomi Auerbach
I nominate Naomi Auerbach as 'my Queen Esther'.. just like Queen Esther had no interest in being queen, Naomi, too, shies away from any titles or honors bestowed upon her. She always conducts herself in a gracious, dignified manner exhibiting tremendous generosity to her employees. Her pleasant, optimistic disposition attracts employees of all departments to her open door at any time. She may be the executive director of a large agency with thousands of employees, but to CEOs and custodians alike, she is just our beloved Naomi.
by Ruchie
Dassi Shtern
Dassi is an amazing friend. Even with her medical issues and taking care of a child with medical issues, she always has a time and energy to help me. She ran my entire Shiva when my husband died in a plane crash. Throughout this year, when my life was turned upside down- she was always there for me. She is a special person and friend. You do not need to be an Esther by saving an entire nation- she saved me and my family!
by Smadar
Mrs. Eisikowitz
For her strength and chizuk during a challenging time, inspiring me (and many others) through music, and for encouraging me to achieve my goals.
by Chani
Rabitzen Rivky Klein of Chabad in Memphis TN
Rivky us an extraordinary woman bringing Memphis Jews together from all walks of life. Be it her Torah classes or scrumptious Shabbat or yom tov community dinners that she cooks herself for 100+ people. You always walk away with something new you just learned. Giving up New York for Memphis is not a small fear trust me. No kosher stores & no kosher restaurants. Just a tiny deli in JCC. But coming to the mid south, settling in within a small community set in their ways and bringing Hasidut with every event is truly an inspiration.
by Anna
Ms. Esti Schorr
Ms. Esti Schorr, who coincidentally is named for Esther HaMalka, is a most inspiring woman. Ms. Schorr is a busy educator who works multiple jobs, wearing different hats as a teacher, principal, mentor, and program director. Despite a seemingly grueling schedule, she hosts many women EVERY Shabbos, for all seudos. She single-handedly shops for and cooks fresh home-cooked food, which is always plentiful and delicious. She pulls it all off with flair and with a smile. Zemiros, divrei Torah, and a warm and accepting atmosphere round out the seudos Shabbos. On top of all this, she gives her heart and her listening ear to those who might otherwise be spending Shabbos alone. Esti inspires us all to do just a little more and reach outward. -A grateful guest
by Esther
Rachel Goldberg
Mom of Hersh Goldberg She has led the way for families of those in gaza to advocate and leave no stone unturned and has remained hopeful in the most harrowing circumstances She is an Esther -
by Mindy
Rochelle Goldberg
Rochelle Is truly a superwoman! Besides teaching English at BY Baltimore, she writes the school play and is charge of the production, has led the robotics team to winning 1st place, and is in charge of yearbook. In her SPARE time she started the Very successful BC Bikerthon. If that wasn’t enough- she had made hundreds of shidduchim! But the reason I am nominating her is because she is a selfless and devoted wife, mother, grandmother and Friend!
by Lynn
Oshrat Korkos
She is an outstanding teacher who brings the love of Israel and Torah to the students at Berman Hebrew Academy.
by Erica
Shelley Lurie
Shelley is a superwoman, she is always busy doing chesed. From working as an accountant at the local Beis Yaacov high school, serving on many different committees in the community, scheduling meals for new mothers, shiva’s and sick people, to making sure that the shul has delicious food for kiddish. She surrounds herself with her friends that volunteer their time and help Shelley enrich the community in Dallas Texas.
by Heidy
Emunah Feurstein
Emunah is a great friend and is super nice. In my grade, she has started a weekly tehillim that involves everyone. She is always careful not to say anything hurtful to anyone and makes them feel included.
by Esther
Adina Wiener
A woman who is passionate about learning and sharing that learning with her friends and family Aside from being a full time therapist, she is a kallah teacher, mentor, and involves herself in shidduchim.- Loves to learn and share what she learns with all. Adina has now encouraged in our family alone 12 women, myself included, let alone members of her shul to study the nach yomi and then posts commentary about perakim we have studied that day. Her thirst for knowledge and the desire to disseminate it is infectious. So proud to be her aunt!
by Sandy
My wonderful neighbor, Mrs C.S., not only looks out for people on the block in her friendly casual manner. This past winter, she and two of her friends organized a chessed trip to an Israel to help displaced families from Israel’s South. She spent weeks preparing duffel bags and ordering the best quality clothing and undergarments for a women’s shelter, finding plus size garments since the shelter she contacted was short of those sizes. She also bought children’s shoes of all sizes, for the kids who were in upheaval and needed a cool new pair of American shoes to cheer them up, and who perhaps didn’t have sneakers since the climate is hotter in the Negev. These items came from Mrs S and her husband’s own savings. When she realized that she couldn’t possibly pack the mountains of clothes into the duffels by herself, she organized the women and teens on the block to help pack the duffels. And, she then spend weeks in Israel, delivering all the clothes and shoes, visiting the families affected by the war, and helping out in any way she could. Mrs S is an inspiration for myself and all of us who know her, and though she is so quiet and unassuming about her Mitzvot, she deserves recognition. Thank you!
by Esther
Rebbetzin Liat Mayerfeld
She is teaching torah in the most amazing way, bring history alive! And training kallah teachers to be aspiring kallah teachers for our current generation...
by Hadasa
Shuli Boxer Rieser
Shuli is an extraordinary woman. I often describe her as magical. We are friends and neighbors. She held me and my family up when I was going through cancer treatment. Taking on things such as meal trains, babysitting, Tehillim, collecting money for anything "extra" I may need. Shuli has this phenomenal ability to know just the right thing to say. She is a pure example of empathy, love, and humility. But that's not really what made me nominate her as my Esther. I've had the privilege of watching Shuli be a daughter-in-law. Its almost hard to describe how caring Shuli is without seeing it. The love she shows to her mother-in-law is so perfect. It was always. And it has been especially in the past few years as her mother-in-law fights cancer. Shuli gives of herself in ways no one will know about it because of her anivut. And because it is part of her nature to give. To know Shuli, is to easily understand why she is my Esther.
by Shoshana
Laykie Lehrfeld
Laykie has been tirelessly organizing meals for chayalim and families from the South since the beginning of the war, and on a massive scale. She does so cheerfully and with great determination. I cannot imagine what it would be like to turn one's home upside down each week - to accept and distribute tons of food, to cook massive amounts of meatballs - for months on end.
by Rivka
Ora Watson from Beit Shemesh, Israel
Ora witnessed the emotional cost and stress of mothers and wives as their sons and husbands went off to war. Her son and son-law, a father of 3 little children were called to serve. This was happening to all her friends and neighbors in Beit Shemesh. Then the funerals and Shivas began. Ora understood the strain of these women as they kept themselves and their families functioning. She recognized a need for emotional support and a "feel good, pick-me up" for these women". Ora organized a Sheitel distribution Gemach for wives, mothers and grandmothers of our soldiers. The Sheitel were donated from cities throughout the US and London. They arrive at Ben Gurion Airport in duffel bags which she collects and brings to her home. She organized a group of friends, Sheitel marchers (who donate their time) and Seminary girls (who clean and prepare the wigs) for these women. Ora hosts Wig Giveaway Events in her home 2 to 3 a week and she offers private appointments to Almanot who are not willing to come to an open event. This endeavor was extended to Zaka wives in appreciation of the sacrifices they make when their husbands leave to perform their holy work. To date more than 400 wigs have been distributed free of charge. This projects has morphed into donated jewelry which she distributes to Almonot and wives of wounded soldiers. Her next event will include make up sessions and massages for the women. I quote Ora: "When you get involved in a Mitzvah, Hashem will help you and give you what you need to continue."
by Teresia
Esther Dziadek
Esther Dziadek is a retired day school teacher who currently volunteers for the Golden Network program based in Silver Spring, MD. She teaches us, her students, many of the daily and Shabbos prayers in Hebrew and English, Hebrew vocabulary and grammar and she also surprises us with other important nuggets of Jewish learning and Torah details. Esther accepts requests from us to determine which topics we will cover. Recently, we began learning about Prophets and Prophecies, and as usual, we have learned so much. Esther invests a significant amount of time preparing wonderful materials for our class, and we are so very appreciative. She is a teacher, par excellence! Although Esther recently made aliyah, she continues to teach us on Zoom. She constantly encourages us to participate, which results in very lively and interesting discussions. She makes each one of us feel included and special, and we look forward to learning with her each week. I am so grateful to Hashem that I have been privileged to attend her class since I retired, over 5 years ago. It is the highlight of my week!
by Chanah
Malx Haber
Malx is superwoman. She has a husband with a terminal illness, and she navigates her life with humor and grace. Not only does she keep her family afloat, tend to her two sets of twins, care for her husband, and support her family with a full time job - but she also insists on helping out wherever she can in the community. She is instrumental in almost everything that goes on, from starting a new Jewish school to being part of the Rabbi search committee, to inviting people who need a place to eat or hang out on Shabbos and more. Malx keeps it real. She acknowledges that life is hard, that we all have our challenges, and that we're all different. And she embraces that and still finds humor and love. Malx is Queen Esther because she can take a hard situation and still come out on top.
by Renanit
Mrs. Sarah Rivka Kohn
Sarah Rivka Kohn is the founder and director of Zisel's Links, an organization that helps kids, teens, and young adults whose parents have died. I have known her for over 12 years, in my capacity as the Baltimore Branch leader, but she has been doing this since before then. She is the driving force in helping so many families and children who are suffering from the pain of parental loss, and more importantly, she does it with dignity and compassion. Zisel's Links helps with therapy, camp, extracurricular actives and events, yom tov gift cards, and shabbatonim for the boys and girls, that provide the crucial peer support that is part of the healing process. She fundraises around the year and will go to great lengths to fill a specific need, even if for just one child. Her efforts have been written up in magazines, including one year in the Algemeiner. I am in awe of her work and at the same time consider her a friend. Having been orphaned at the age of 9, of her own queen, her mother, Sara Rivka is a Queen to so many. Her efforts to the Klal must be recognized and appreciated, and that is why I am nominating Mrs. Sarah Rivka Kohn. please check out the website: Thank you!
by Judy
Esther Dziadek
My beloved Prayer Book teacher, Mrs. Esther Dziadek, who is a wonderful role model of positivism. In her over 50+ year career of teaching, she has touched so many lives in a good way, including my own. Personally, she taught my senior class the basics of saying the davening which has made a huge difference in my life. For the past eight years, she has lead a senior class that is in depth study of the meaning of the prayers. She recently made Aliyah and is displaying the same positive attitude to her adjustment that we see in all areas of her life.
by Arlene
Ahuva Schwartz
Ahuva, originally from Monsey, is the owner and content creator for Katamon Kitchen @thekatamonkitchen, ( Since the war, she has been making thousands of meals for soldiers, all the while keeping her own small business running. She made aliyah on her own around the age of 23, and she has built up a successful business. In this time of need, instead of focusing on her own needs or limitations during a war, she used her strength to see a need in klal yisroel and, without wasting any time, garnered tons of support to provide for soldiers in Israel. In a unique way, she was right on the front lines with the soldiers since October 7th.
by Talia
Debbie Shapiro
When Debbie was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2014, there were almost no resources in Jerusalem for people with Parkinson's. In addition, most people with Parkinson's viewed their situation as hopeless, and remained secluded at home, which made the disease worse. In 2017 she started her own amazing organization that she called Tikvah4Parkinson. Tikvah4Parkinson has since helped and enriched the lives of hundreds of Parkinson's sufferers all over Israel. Based in Sanhedria, they have a tremendous variety of programs for men and women separately. Included are boxing and other exercise, singing, breathing, Tai chi, and ping pong. Classes are in person and on zoom; in English and Hebrew. They also offer caregiver support groups and annual retreats. Debbie has bH now been able to delegate, but originally, starting from scratch, she did everything herself, including fundraising. She is an amazing, "ordinary" woman who has literally changed and continues to change the world in a very positive way for hundreds of people challenged with Parkinson's and their families.
by Faya
Mrs. Chava Mann
Chava hails from Venezuela.She and her husband Alex and children( David and Denise)moved to Miami 16 years ago setteling in Aventura in the heart of the Latin community.Chava Realized that she must provide for her family a propper Jewish Education which was not available in Venezuela,she left her family and the comfort of her community to begin again. They eventully moved to the Presidential neighborhood in North Miami Beach where she created a revolution where Torah Growth is in style! As her family expanded( Jonathan, Devorah Lea and Carol Esther) she brought along on her journey many families. Today the community boasted a shul and Torah center, the children in the community attend Seminaries and Yeshivot in E" Y.Although Chava holds her Masters Degree from Columbia University in Chemical engineering, her full time job as a mother, wife and community and school builder is her calling. Chava is the Esther of the growing Latin community. With courage and determination and her untiring efforts she is building the next generation. וּמִי יוֹדֵעַ אִם לְעֵת כָּזֹאת הִגַּעַתְּ לַמַּלְכוּת, we can confidentiality attestest this is your purpose!
by Esther
Jillian Galitzer
I am nominating Jillian Galitzer because of the amount of chesed she does in Hollywood, Fl. She has been doing Bikur Cholim for 15 or more years. She is one of the founders of the group and visits Memorial Hospital once a week or more plus she is on the board of Bikur Cholim raising money for the kosher room and kosher refrigerators and microwaves for the Jewish patients besides other essentials for the patients. Besides Bikur cholim Jillian has been involved in most of the Young Israel of Hollywood- Ft Lauderdale shul committees. She was on the book club committee and in charge of the Shalach Manos for the entire shul for many years. She helps out in every capacity known. She goes for funerals, shiva visits and delivers food for sick patients. Jillian goes to every speaker and classes given at the Young Israel. She is in charge of the tehillim group and does the 1:00 pm tehillim with the OU rabbi daily. Jillian is a modest person and never looks for any recognition. She is an outstanding person and a valuable asset to our Young Israel of Hollywood- FT Lauderdale.
by Wendi
Adina Sorscher
Adina began working with her husband for Cleveland NCSY this past fall and has made an incredible impact! She has developed a Shabbos morning program for middle school aged students that began with about 3/4 kids and had grown in the short few months to over a dozen weekly. Not only have the students been coming their entire families are attending shul on a regular basis for the first time. Adina on top of being a new mom and attending graduate school has impacted hundreds of students throughout Cleveland. She brought over 80 middle school NCSYers to a reigonal shabbaton. In a time of extreme Jewish apathy Adina is standing up for out naitons future in a brilliant way!
by menachem
Shoshi Glazer and Rochel Ziman
Shoshi and Rochel run an organization called A Single Impact and support the incredible single men and women of our community - and beyond. Just this week, they organized 400+ shalach manos to make sure that everyone feels supported and included. They organize megillah readings, shiurim and other events and help make sure that the single men and women of our communities are recognized and included in everything we do as a community.
by Bracha
Leeba Marks Friedman
Leeba Marks began volunteering for Jewish Caring Network after her move to Baltimore from California. She is now an employee of the organization and is incredibly dedicated to the families that are going through illness. She supports all the family members including organizing self-care events, bringing them meals, and connecting them with different resources and grants to help them during their challenging time.
by Bracha
Esther Dziadek
Esther is: A person of rare midos, such a lover of Yiddishkeit that every breath she breathes exudes this love which we, her “precious “ (her term) students cannot help but absorb. Having taught at the Hebrew Academy here in the DC area for 50 (I believe) years, she then started teaching through The Golden Network- director, Rabbi Samuel Leigh. Her classes are filled with more than information; they are filled with love of Torah , great inspiration for us, her students to do more, learn more, and continue to grow Jewishly. You could not find a more worthy recipient for this award. Sincerely, Roberta Redfern Silver Spring, Maryland
by Roberta
Chana Appel
Chana is involved in so much chessed - I'm sure I don't know half of it! She trained as a medical clown a few years ago, so that she could give comfort and support to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and more. After the war broke out, Chana started to go to the hotels where evacuees were being housed to help them recuperate - especially the traumatized children. When she found out that they were lacking basic supplies, as they had left with the clothes on their backs and little more, Chana sprang into action. She organized a g"mach in the Olive Tree Hotel to provide all sorts of clothes. At first she relied on donations of used clothing - but as time went on she was able to acquire new clothing including undergarments, shoes, dresses, skirts, blouses, mens' clothing, childrens' clothing etc. (I volunteered in her g'mach - so I had a first-hand view!) . She seemed to have a never-ending source of donors, and the evacuees were thrilled with the American goods. They were mainly from Sderot (which is a low income development town) and many of them visited the g'mach numerous times a day to see "what's new". It became their "shopping therapy!" She continued to travel around to clown and create programs in many other hotels as well. In addition to all this, Chana works with dysfunctional families - as part of a government program- to help them organize their homes and lives. I don't know where she finds the time for all of this. She also recently moved her elderly parents to an assisted living facility nearby, and is involved in their care. Chana's husband works in kiruv and is often in America. A month ago she flew to America for a son's chassuna - and of course came back with duffel bags full of supplies for the chayalim. Chana continues to create programs (such as "dancing", mosaic crafting, jewely give-outs etc.)to help the evacuees from the north- as the ones from Sderot have mostly gone home. Where there is a need,Chana jumps right in! She doesn't do this in a loud, self agrandizing way - its just a reflection and expression of her love for Klal Yisroel.
by Esti
Chantal Belzberg
Chantal Belzberg started the OneFamily fund to support victims of terror after the Subarro bombing in 2001. Since then and of course since October seventh she has been working night and day fundraising, planning events, getting new staff etc. The organization works across the entire country providing group therapy, retreats, financial support, counseling etc. to everyone who was injured and everyone who has a sibling or parent who was killed in a terrorist attack or in active duty. Chantal started small and look at what her organization has become. Since October seventh the amount of people they help has tripled!!! It is unreal that a regular women who made aliya to Israel is able to provide support to Israel’s victims of terror in such a huge way.
by Rachel
Shoshana Baker
Shoshana has spearheaded, initiated, and leads LINC - Learning and Inspiring the Netanya Communities. There was not an organized program of Torah and Jewish learning for English speakers Ir Yamim / Poleg (the fast growing neighborhood in the Southern-most area of Netanya). Shoshana started monthly Rosh Chodesh lectures, musical Hallel, fascinating speakers, a Matan chapter of women's learning with weekly series of Torah classes given by renowned teachers, travel days for Tanach tiyulim. Shoshana has arranged for three local Rabbis to present a panel discussion on contemporary issues impacting the Jewish community. There is now whatsapp chats with hundreds of members to see the weekly flier that she produces listing the multiple learning opportunities, Kollel learning, Rabbi classes and guest lectures. She has united the different segments of the Jewish local population with varied lecturers, appealing across the Jewish spectrum of religious observance. Shoshana convinced the municipality of the importance of the need for organized Jewish education for the English-speaking community and received their support. The Ir Yamim and Netanya communities would not be the place of Torah study that it is without Shoshana's work.
by Estie
Chani Okonov
Chani Okonov is a passionate leader, a approachable teacher, passionate about Torah and love to Israel and teaching women about every Torah topic. She is an amazing role model. Everyone whose neshama she touches connect with Hashem and grow stronger in observances. Being a mom of 9 children, director of Mazel Day School and Rebbetzin, Chani shines with patience and kindness toward everyone on her path. P.S. I kindly ask to proof -read the above message if you ll decide to post it on the nominations webpage. thank you and happy purim
by Esther Inna
Nava Rosenbloom
Nava is a very generous and caring individual. She is a wife and mother of 6 children ages 14-1.Nava administers a boutique elementary school,called Inspiration, for 11 children, with 3 teachers. When presented with challenges in life she finds the solution. She is my friend. She is my daughter. She deserves an award.
by Barbara
Chaya Miriam Wolper
Single-handedly, she spearheads the Aneinu Tehillim groups in Chicago. She also single-handedly runs a Tehillim listserve so the entire community knows whom to daven for and provides a central resource for people to notify that tefilos are needed. She goes beyond that, publicizing through her lsitserve if anyone in the community needs help in anyway, making sure to do this sensitively and anonymously. She unifies all Jews, Ashkanaz, Sephardi, Mizrachi, Yeshivish, Chasidim, Litvish, Chareidim, etc! What she has done for the Chicagoland community for so many years is an incredibly invaluable service that no one can imagine our doing without. She works tirelessly, completely voluntarily 24/6 in the most humble and modest way.
by Esther
Atara Bienenfeld
Atara leads a Nach Yomi group in Carmei Gat. This is just one of her many efforts to bring Torah to this new community in Eretz Yisrael. She made Aliya 7.5 years ago and five years ago moved to this new community. She and her husband Zach who gives the Daf Yomi shiur are constantly involved in making Carmei Gat a מקום תורה. She hosts learning events and is often the one giving the shiur. That is why I am nominating her.
by Aliza
Marg Sham
This person is a super hero. She carries all her responsibilities so beautifully. She has refined midot and is extremely sensitive to others. She does everything and anything for her husband children and grand children. She keeps family first at all times. She is a living example of an eshet Chayil.
by Shosh
My mother
My mother is an amazing person! She recently had breast cancer, but that has not stopped her from running around and doing her usual chesed. From flying to Israel to pick fruit, to joining her Shul's Board,as well as hosting Shabbat meals for people who might be alone-my mother lives her life to serve Hashem. She is always running her next Tzedakah event or visiting a friend in the hospital. I can't fully describe who my mother is- you would just have to meet her to understand. My mother is the first person I think of as deserving this nomination and it is truly befitting since her name is Esther and she was born in the month of Adar. I think her namesake, Esther Hamalka would be very proud of her too.
by Goldie
Debbie Mayerfeld
My sister Debbie spent years as a stay at home mom, forgoing a lot, financially and her own career in order to do it. When her children got older, she didnt get a job, and if you ask her what she does, she says "nothing." But, that isnt true. She volunteers with Partners Detroit, learning with women a few times a day, giving classes, and meeting for coffee to bring them closer to Hashem. That's usually after her 6 am shift as an Hatzalah dispatcher. She is continuing to sacrifice, to be available for these women, and the klal. I think she is extraordinary and Debbie goes above and beyond while truly believing that it is no big deal.
by Miriam
Robin Tassler
Robin is always looking for new ways to learn and teach others. I reconnected with her as she embarked on her journey to share more Torah with women around the world through a WhatsApp group. Over the last few years, Robin has connected with hundreds of women through her efforts. It is inspiring to see how far one can reach when taking one step at a time.
by Leora
Ariella Honigsfeld
She is a true leader. She gives of her whole self to her congregation and all around her. She is a true example of a bas yisroel! The most growth oriented, and real person I know!
by Lauren
Adina Weiner
Adina is the assistant rabbi's wife of Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck, NJ. However, she, in her own right, is an amazing person. She is an oocupational therapist and works in NYC. She has such an outgoing personality and makes everyone-old and young feel welcome. For many years, she hosted an oneg in her home every Friday night for a local boys high school and so many of the boys would come to talk to her for advice! During COVID, she texted each member of the shul on a rotating basis, spoke to many on the phone and met with people in her backyard so no one felt alone. She attends the overwhelming majority of smachot, shivas, etc in our community-even at the sacrifice of her family when she had young children, and even if it means driving over an hour, staying for a quick mazel tov, and then driving another hour to head to the next simcha. Her latest achievements include being a one woman ambassador for the Nach Yomi program. She has encouraged so many of the women in our shul to join this program and she herself sends us updates and hosted a siyum at the end this year. In addition, she has taken on the role of Shadduch for many young people. Adina )and her husband) are fulfilling hteir dream and making aliyah this summer. Our community will be losing a tremendous person.
by Sue
Rebecca H. David
Rebecca is a strong, dedicated Jewish woman leading her community constantly in taking a stand for Israel and Jewish values in the media, schools, and workplace. She embraces her goals and tasks with thoughtful care and consideration. Her work requires her to be exposed to criticisms and overwhelming negativity from anti-Israel, anti-Jewish values. So many of us would easily be exhausted by this but Rebecca keeps on going, clearly drawing on her focus and deep commitment to Torah. Many times, quietly, Rebecca is working behind the scenes to gather information, write, interview, and more, to uphold the truth about Israel. Like Esther, she knows this is not only her battle. She engages the rest of her community and other women in our community to learn and take a stand as well. We feel empowered by her knowledge and example.
by Kristen
Rebetzen Basya Katz
She is always there for me whenever i need her in good health and during challenging time. She is my role model.
by Miriam
Wendy Miller- my mother
She is so special to me and she helps me so much every week by helping get my house back in order.
by Jodi
elana moskowitz
She (& her fammily) read megila trope She cheerfully gets sick from her grandson She is sending a 2nd son off for Shana Alef One of the best study partners in US Shares her parents with the congregation She is an MOM who always has time for everyone & Everything I could go on
by martha
Ariella Honigsfeld
Ariella is a visionary and a mentor of our Richardson Jewish community. She always see the best in people and takes every person into consideration when making decisions for our community. She is a friend to all and makes everyone feel welcome. She’s so good at having hard conversations and is sensitive to her friend’s needs. Ariella embodies the true essence of Esther because she is brave, kind and beautiful inside and out!
by Lindsey
Michal Horowitz
Michal is an extraordinary, erudite, passionate woman who disseminates Torah to so many with such humility and love. She is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. Michal is also a great lover of Israel.
by Kathy
Shifra Revah
Mrs Shifra Revah is one of Los Angeles' leading mechaneches, rebbetzin, kallah teacher and confidante. Her caring nature is evident in every interaction, going above and beyond to understand and empathize with others' struggles no matter how big or small it may be. Whether offering a shoulder to lean on or providing heartfelt advice, her words carry profound meaning, guiding others towards clarity and growth. Mrs Revah shines with compassion and wisdom, making her an invaluable presence to those lucky enough to have her in their lives.
by Naomi
Estee Yarmish
Estee is the the single person I know who cares about every single woman in Har Nof. She started Project Connect for the English speaking community in order that no woman should feel alone. She created chaburahs for every age to connect all of the different age groups. She started several WhatsApp chats that are local resources of information and a place to ask questions and share inspiration. Estee is the type of woman, who Bli ayin hara has her own very large family but literally does not sleep because she is hard at work caring about the women of Har Nof day and night. We can not thank her enough for all she does.
by Esti
Michelle Schwartz
In addition to all the chessed Michelle does everyday without fanfare, she has undertaken to find shidduchim for single people in the Jewish community. She spends her days looking for matches and puts hours of thought into every match she tries to make. She coaches people and truly has their best interest at heart. Her every free moment is filled with helping others.
by Beth
Elisheva Geller
Elisheva is a dear friend who I got to know as an adult. We met at work in the NYC public school system where we both work(ed) as school psychologists. As long as I have known her, Elisheva was involved in various types of chesed. She spent many summers working at Camp Simcha. Most shabbatot, Elisheva made the 45 minute trek from her home on the Lower East Side to NYU hospital to visit sick patients. After spending several hours there, she would make the return trek home, walking back another 45 minutes. Elisheva was involved with three separate organizations by volunteering to spend many many overnights sleeping over in the hospital with patients whose families didn't want to leave them alone at night. She did this after a full day of work, often going straight from the hospital to work the next morning. Several years ago, she began to co-run an organization called YALLA which creates social opportunities for young adults with physical difficulties. Despite being single for many many years, Elisheva always had a positive attitude, strong emunah in Hashem, and always maintained a spiritual outlook on life. In 2021, in her early 40s, Elisheva was blessed with meeting her bashert. She got engaged and married and moved away from her family, her community, her friends, and her job. She settled in Cleveland alongside her husband Simcha. In addition to becoming a new wife, finding a new job in a strange city, she became a stepmother to five. Elisheva did this all with grace and poise. Elisheva is now the mother of an adorable 7 month old baby girl, a full time school psychologist, a super involved and loving stepmom, and continues to run YALLA events and fundraisers from afar. Elisheva Geller, is one of the bravest women I know. She is a true inspiration to myself and many others. I am honored to nominate her as a modern day Queen Esther. Thank you so much for considering her.
by Allison
Nina Butler
Nina is a one woman Chesed machine. Among many other things, she runs the Pittsburgh Bikur Cholim, organizing everything from top to bottom for local families and out of town families who come to Pittsburgh for various treatments. She holds the families' hands every step of the way with sensitivity, channeling her years of experience and knowledge as a medical mom. She makes sure their physical needs are met with specificity and sensitivity, while also providing moral support. She organizes and communicates with our local volunteer force, also understanding our needs, abilities, and limitation. Nina inspires us to do more, with elegance and a smile, AND to have healthy boundaries.
by Anna
Breindy Haberstam and Shani Waldman
These 2 women started samchainu when they were Young widows. This is a group gor women who lost there husband . These two women do everything to make us feel not alone from sending flowers on our birthday, gifts and money for yom tovim shabbatons get togethers etc
by Susan
Ms . Orly Wahba
She was a founder of a non profit organization Called Life Vest which is a global phenomenon that inspires people to do acts of random kindness to spread love and tolerance for one another. She is also founded the App “ Abrahams Legacy “ an on line Tehillim app that anyone can access any time of the day to experience the power of Tehillim . She’s an amazing woman that inspires people world wide to be a better person and even better Jew .
by Esther
Abby Marcus
Abby Marcus is an incredible woman in my community of Riverdale who embodies the traits of Queen Esther, going above and beyond to help the Jewish people. She sends duffels of items to Israel that the chayalim need, known locally as the "bag shadchan". She has sent over 400+ duffels to Israel, helping collect the items from all over the tri-state area of collecting funds, and arranges for the duffels to be brought to the airport. This is hours and hours of dedication and effort. Abby is a true embodiment of a modern day Queen Esther. Read more about her here -
by Rebecca
Chana Grove
Chana Grove, a gap-year specialist for NCSY/Olami Launch, successfully enrolled 17 Baltimore teens in seminaries in Israel for Next year.
by Elyse
Ariella Hönigsfeld
She exemplifies what a menchess is in every way.
by Chana
Linda Edell (Leah bas Nechama Rivkah).
A recent widow, mother, and grandmother, Linda has a severe form of multiple sclerosis. She is wheelchair bound, and has a homecare aide 24/7. A group of us, her friends, visit her on Shabbos afternoon. For the most part, we talk, and Linda listens. When she does speak, it is always agreeable and encouraging. She never complains about her helplessness, or her inability to go places she used to enjoy visiting. As a young, healthy woman, she was very active, raising her seven children, working, and doing many mitzvahs and much chesed. Now, her only complaint is that she misses her husband, Rabbi Joseph Edell, so, so much. She then says that she is waiting for Mashiach. I am nominating Linda for this award because she is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She cares about everyone, both family and friends. She makes all of us feel at home, and is the catalyst for making all her visitors, be they of similar or different backgrounds, feel comfortable while we are in her home. Linda's pure, strong faith is evident in everything that she says and does. She is an influence for good for everyone who knows her.
by Victoria
Elana koslowe
Right after October 7th, Elana sprung into actions. She joined the group of BC lev achad and has been volunteering daily. It has become her full time job. She goes from the morning, right after her kids go to school until they come home. She sorts, packs and organizes items to go to israel some for groups and others for individual units in the army. She had been diligently working day in and day out quietly behind the scenes. When her kids are off from school she brings them with her as she is fully committed and there are no days off. She even waited late on Friday for an important FedEx package so it could be sent immediately to those who need it. She is someone who feels a sense of achrayus to klal yisroel and eretz yisroel and therefore gives and helps in whatever ways she can. Some of us go to a packing event or a drive every now and then but Elana does this everyday, constantly thinking how she can help and streamline the process. She has taken chessed and volunteer work to the next level. I admire how she juggles so much in her life and yet always makes sure to make time to help others. She is someone who rarely thinks of herself and it’s always focused on those around her: family and the extended klal yisroel. I would love for her to enjoy some pampering of her own!
by Rebecca
Aviva Yeres
Aviva is a young mother who is married to an officer of the IDF who has chosen to serve in the army as a career (Keva). This is a huge sacrifice for both Aviva and Amichai, as Aviva is raising their daughter alone much of the time, and Amichai misses them both terribly, but they see this as an important shlichut. Much has been said, and rightfully so, about all of the men and women, who in the middle of their lives, stopped everything on October 7th, put on their army uniforms and left their families/jobs/studies to serve in miluim, but without the ‘anshei keva’, there would not be an army. Many miluim wives are only now understanding the challenges that ‘nshot keva’ (army wives) deal with all the time. On Simchat Torah, Aviva and and their daughter stayed at Kibbutz Kissufim where Amichai was based, serving as Samgad Gdud 51 of Golani, (commander of a battalion of combat soldiers) in order to spend the chag together as he had not been home for the previous chagim. They had a lovely day and chag dinner on Friday, Oct 6 in the pastoral kibbutz on the Gaza border, with no indication of how their lives were about to abruptly change at 6 the next morning. Amichai was woken to calls that there was an infiltration of Hamas terrorists in the kibbutz and quickly ran to duty, while he sent Aviva and their baby to a ‘migunit’, a small shelter, a few meters away. Aviva heard shouting in Arabic, shots being fired, and lots of screaming, and was terrified that at any minute they were going to enter the shelter room she was in, which was also shot at. She had no idea if Amichai was alive, and she was focusing on keeping her 11 month old safe, calm, and quiet, while intensely praying. After 2+ hours of being there, a soldier came and told her to move to the war room which was more secure, and she ran (barefoot and still in pajamas) to the building amidst a war going on around her. She and the baby spent the next 12 hours in the war room, feeling more secure, but witnessing terrible sights on all of the large computer screens, and having many injured soldiers brought into the room, bleeding and needing urgent medical attention. Aviva somehow kept her wits about her and helped calm down wounded combat soldiers who were hurt in battle, as well as many of the shocked and hysterical ‘tatzpitaniyot’ - many who were new army recruits. After several hours, Amichai ran in to let her know he had been shot in the leg, but was ‘ok’ and had to go back out to continue fighting and defending the kibbutz. Much later that night, Aviva and the baby were evacuated to a hospital where they were checked and sent home. Amichai stayed fighting throughout the night and only the next day was taken to a hospital and underwent surgery; he returned to his unit 3 days later, and fought difficult battles in Azza for 4 months straight, and is currently with his battalion in the north of Israel. Aviva is a brave young heroine serving her country by being an army wife, while raising her daughter and working as a physical therapist treating developmentally delayed babies and children. I salute her along with her husband and am proud to be their mother.
by Lesley
Debbie Garfinkel
Under her leadership as President of the Board, SHIFRA has doubled in size and impact. She gives 100000% to our organization while be generous to everyone around her. She is a stellar human being.
by Erica
Tzivie Strimber
Tzivie is a person who is in a constant state of growth. She is a perpetual Torah student who thirsts for emes and knowledge ; sharing her enthusiasm and her discoveries with all who come into contact with her. Her real job is math consulting but she brings her smile and warmth and Torah to every classroom and lecture. Tzivie has many charusas on her level and she also does Partners in Torah. She has completed the OU Nach cycle and is doing it again currently. Tzivie gives a monthly shiur on connections in her Flatbush neighborhood and has lectured on the topic in many other neighborhoods. Her radiant smile and her organized delivery draw in a crowd. Her message is clear that we must first connect to ourselves and then we can successfully connect to others and most importantly to Hashem. Tzivie has just emerged on the speaking circuit but I am confident that she is a rising star!
by Tova
Adina Wiener
Adina has inspired dozens of women in my shul (Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck( to under take the study or Nach Yomi. Even though she is making Aliyah this summer she plans to continue sending out links to articles and promised to come in for our syium when we finish Naviim this winter
by Debbie
Chana Shields
Chana's chesed, social action and political awareness on behalf of the Bergen County and Israel knows no bounds. I don't know how she has the time, grit and determination to do so much for Am Yisrael. Chana helped found the hugely successful Children's Clothing Drive in Teaneck that helps countless families clothe their children with dignity and enables people to donate their gently worn children's clothing for a great cause. The event is held during the 3 weeks in Tamuz/Av at our local shul and she makes sure that all the clothing is laid out and presented in a beautiful fashion so those in need can "shop" with dignity. Thousands of pieces of clothing are on "sale" and getting a second use thanks to Chana. Chana also serves as the chairman of the AMIT Children board and is always focused on ways to elevate the organization and ensure that it is doing the most it can for the 40,000 students in Israel that are serviced in the 90 schools and facilities that AMIT runs across Israel. She commits so much time and energy to ensuring that anyone and everyone in her midst learns about the important work of AMIT. Recently, Chana was troubled by the anti-Israel sentiment that pervaded our Teaneck town council meetings and our Bergen County elected officials. She helped found BCJAC, the Bergen County Jewish Action committee whose goal is to advocate and educate our community so we can be more proactive for Jewish causes. On a very micro level, Chana is a fantastic neighbor who always collects and helps those on our block. She collects and organizes shiva meals, new neighbor gifts and countless other needs on our block. To me she's a SuperWoman, SuperMensch AND a SuperPerson.
by Genene
Ariella Honigsfeld
Ariella is the rebbitzen of the growning community of Richardson, TX. She has endless energy and care for her community. She knows how to nourish people's soul and has the patients of an angel. With the busyness of having 6 kids herself, she will speak to you with 100% concentration and care. She is one of a kind with an enormous amount of love, spirituality, and wisdom to share and is wise beyond her years.
by Sara
Esther Wein
Kshma Kein he!
by Rivky
Chavi Kahan
Since Oct.7th, she has worked day and night to help the people and soldiers of Israel; raising funds and awareness.
by Miriam
Chevy Glassberg
Because they run a Chabura in our shul for women on hashkafa. It’s an environment women can share and grow in and Chevy helps facilitate the ideas and topics each week based on the book Eyshes Chayil.
by Zahava
Sari Kopitnikoff
Sari uses her platform @thatjewishmoment to inspire and reach thousands of Jews across the globe with her creative artwork and impassioned accompanying statements. Her games and interactive experiences reach children and adults alike. When the world is so dark, she shines a light on the beauty of Judaism and her unique approach unites all Jews.
by Rena
Michal Horowitz
Every class she teaches she leads with a full heart. She is very sincere and is a great role model. Very inspiring and a leader. She was instrumental in leading women learning groups years ago, even when I was raising small children. She also is continuously working on her own skills and “midot” and shares her struggles with us.
by Ellen
Elana Small
Elana is always available to help with the payroll, whether it is during work hours, after work hours, on the weekend, motzei shabbos, anytime. Elana is also managing a household and taking care of her elderly parents. She runs back and forth to their home and to doctor appointments and hospital visits while still doing her job. She is remarkable and truly to be looked up. If anyone is to be nominated, it is Queen Elana.
by Sheila
Tzippy Miller
Extraordinary Chesed She and her husband host communal meals. I hear that she serves dinner to needy people from the community, and washes their clothes while they have their meal. At Shabbos meals, she learns Torah at the table, that she has prepared during the week.
by Robin
Rochelle Goldberg
There is not enough space to describe all the amazing things she does- she is beloved teacher in BY Baltimore where she heads the production , yearbook and robotics in addition to teaching English. She is a successful shadchan and gives her all to each shidduch. She ran the highly successful Bikercholim fundraiser. But above all she is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend! That is just the tip of the iceberg!
by Lynn
Jaime Katz Alter
Jaime Alter is the educational director of Orot. “OROT offers diverse learners in Philadelphia Jewish day schools a personalized support program addressing academic, social and behavioral needs, while building confidence and promoting success. We seek to provide the best possible individualized Jewish, secular and social curriculum, instruction and environment.” Jaime tirelessly fights for the highest quality of educational intervention for children in Jewish day schools in Philadelphia. She has been able to transcend religious and political divides in order to get children the intervention that they need. Additionally Jaime helps educate families about the special education services in the Philadelphia area and helps families advocate for their child’s needs.
by Wendy
Abby Marcus
Abb s a young woman who has galvanized the entire RIverdale community and beyond to raise money, gather, pack, coordinate and send duffels of supplies to the IDF since 10/7. Abby has raised thousands of dollars and organized hundreds of people in supporting the IDF during this crisis. “Abby” has become a household word in RIverdale and beyond as the go-to person for supporting our Chayalim from where we are. She never tires in her efforts, she has amazing positive and creative energy. The entire community is in awe of her.
by Margaret
Yocheved Kim Ruttenberg
For the Swords of Iron Israel Volunteer Opportunities Facebook group organizing hundreds if not thousands of volunteers who travel to Israel with no specific assignments and then use her group to accept last minute volunteer opportunities.
by Louise
My amazing daughter
She is a teacher to both high school students and adults. She loves to share her love of learning. She and her husband donate to multiple Jewish organizations. They have a home in Jerusalem and during the war the opened it up to people in the south of Israel. She is a wife, mother of 5 boys and 2 daughter in law. She is a Baubie to 2 grandchildren. She is also a yoetz Halacha, along with a daughter in law
by Stacey
Ariella Honigsfeld
Ariella has dedicated her life to serving Hashem and all of Klal Yisrael. She moved with her family to a suburb of Dallas to create a community with affordable living for young Jewish families. They were the only family in Richardson, TX at first. Now, we have over twenty families and an Eruv! Ariella is the kindest person I know and exudes all of the midos that we strive for!
by Holly
Debbie Mayerfeld
If you ask my sister Debbie what she does, she will respond "nothing. " But i dont think constantly giving of yourself, volunteer, to help women become closer to Hashem is "nothing." She learns with multiple women each week (including a few a day), prepares and teaches a class to these women, on top of her shifts as an Hatzalah Detroit dispatcher. Some shifts beginning in the wee hours of the morning. She does it as if it is the most natural thing in the world. There is nothing ordinary about her
by Miriam
Erin Stiebel
She is an overall superstar who has a crazy busy life running NCSY give and yet still makes time for all of the people who look up to her and gives them her full attention as if she has nothing else to be busy with
by Sarah