Ms. Chani Gotlieb

Ms. Chani Gotlieb is a dynamic educator, currently teaching in two prestigious girls’ high schools in New York. In addition, she lectures around the world to diverse audiences that span the gamut of Orthodox Jewry. Born and educated in Israel, Chani successfully integrates the best of Israel’s yeshiva education with her high-level academic training. She holds a bachelor’s degree in science earned in Israel, and a master’s degree in Judaic studies earned in the USA. In her lectures, Chani analyses contemporary issues through the lens of diverse Jewish thinkers. Her insights, gained by a rigorous approach to text, appeal to both intellectuals and laymen alike. As a historian, Chani‘s lectures are enhanced by the first-hand impressions she has formed of the many Jewish sites that she has visited worldwide. She has developed and implemented a unique curriculum for Jewish genealogy research which has exposed her to hundreds of personal narratives of multi-generational Jewish families. This work, together with her interviewing of Holocaust survivors for the Spielberg Shoah Foundation, provides Chani with a reservoir of memoirs to draw from, helping her to bring history to life for her audiences. 

Listen to her shiur, Hallelukah (Psalm 150)