Mrs. Esther Boylan

Mrs. Esther Boylan serves on the faculty of Touro College as an instructor and mentor at Lander College for Women and the School for Lifelong Education in the Department of Jewish Studies. Mrs. Boylan has also taught at Yeshiva University and City University and created a well-received series on the World of the Hebrew Prophets for the Jewish People’s University of the Air. A graduate of Yeshiva University and City College, she received her M.A. in Hebrew Literature from New York University, where she continued to pursue doctoral studies (ABD). She is the recipient of the Theresa Farber Award for excellence in Hebrew, the Sh.Y Agnon Award (NYU) and a Memorial Foundation fellowship. Mrs. Boylan teaches courses in Biblical Hebrew and Tanach, and mentors in additional areas of Jewish thought. She is a regular consultant to PEARLS, a community advocacy group on Jewish education issues. A resident of Brooklyn, Mrs. Boylan is married to Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Boylan and is a mother of six children. 

Listen to her shiur, Tefillat Chana